Friday, March 07, 2008

Winning One & Losing One

On the day Nick Johnson played his best game in 18 months, Shawn Hill was shutdown once again. Today, this Friday, was a draw when it comes to Our Washington Nationals. Two talented professionals receiving far different reviews. How sad to see Our Number 41 be shutdown indefinitely due to continuing right forearm discomfort. And, so happy to see Nick Johnson--not only hit well, but field his position in style and slide home--HARD--to score a run.

Yes, March 7th was Mixed Review Day. We can score all the runs in the world--but you can't WIN without pitching. Shawn Hill could help Our Washington Nationals take a big step up. Talent which Nick Johnson showed over the first two seasons of baseball's return to Washington.

No--I have never given up on either one of them. And I will not, again, today. But, upon finding out that Shawn Hill was once more in pain--sorrow--is only the feeling that came my way. He deserves SO MUCH BETTER.

Health--that Nick Johnson seemingly has re-gained. Together, these two both provide Our Washington Nationals with quality talent--fitting for a winning ball club. Of course, no one knows what the final outcomes will be. We can only hope, Shawn will get well soon--and Nick keeps bringing it strong.

Today, Our Washington Nationals won a Big One with Nick Johnson's continuing resurgence. But, lost one in the rehab department with Shawn Hill. When you follow Our Washington Nationals so closely as I--sometimes--it's hard to know how to feel. Because caring about Our Players can take a big toll. Yes, I care, and always will.

PS--The African Queen, Shawn Hill's "Commonwealth Compatriot", was also saddened by the bad news and wishes Our Number 41 a speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

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Edward J. Cunningham said...

Anomynous---I don't think SBF is in this for the money.

I'm sorry to hear about Shawn Hill's injury, but I am delightfully surprised to see Nick Johnson is healthy. I have to be perfectly honest---when he could not play a single game last year because of his injury, I thought his career was over. Glad to see I was wrong!

paul said...

Have Hill or Patterson ever tried acupuncture? It has never failed me or athletes I have coached.