Monday, March 24, 2008

Exhibition Game Details

UPDATE: Our Washington Nationals informed me this evening that The Exhibition Game this Saturday WILL BE Broadcast on MASN.

Our Washington Nationals released information late this morning concerning the first Major League Game to be played at New Nationals Park this coming Saturday--March 29th. Not only will there be the expected Opening Remarks and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony--but what caught my eye is the news that The Nats Express WILL begin running Three Hours before scheduled First Pitch.

At 3:00PM--any fan wishing to use the Free Parking at RFK Stadium (Lot 8) and board the Free Nats Express to New Nationals Park--may do so--a far earlier time frame than the original 90 Minutes announced before first pitch. Although, after the conclusion of this exhibition match with The Baltimore Orioles--fans will have only 90 minutes to catch The Nats Express back to Lot 8 and pick up their cars.

Here are the complete details from The Press Release:

The Washington Nationals will honor Washington DC officials and ballpark workers on Saturday March 29 at a special “sneak peek” season ticker holder and invitation-only exhibition between the Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles in the first-ever Major League Baseball game played at Nationals Park. Nationals Season Ticket Holders were given complimentary tickets as part of their season ticket packages and the opportunity to preview Nationals Park and the 2008 Washington Nationals prior to the next evening’s Home Opener. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and City Council Members received tickets for distribution for constituents and others. The team also distributed tickets to employees who worked on the ballpark project and youth recreation groups. Additionally, an allotment of tickets was made available for residents in near SE/SW who are the team’s new neighbors. All distributed tickets have no face value and cannot be sold.

“When the ballpark is completed, the keys will be turned over to the Nationals and we become responsible for making the ballpark the most fan and family-friendly entertainment in the Nation’s Capital,” Nationals Principle Owner Ted Lerner said. “The City has been successful in returning baseball to DC and in building for the franchise a first-class ballpark. It will be our job to make the franchise successful – on the field, at the ballpark, and in the community.”

“City officials have done a marvelous job of building a beautiful new, first-class ballpark, under extraordinary conditions,” added Stan Kasten, Nationals Team President. “They are delivering on one of the toughest building schedules imaginable and will have a new ballpark ready for a national television audience by Opening Day March 30. Their performance is to be commended.”

Nationals Park will open to fans three hours before the first pitch, at 3:00pm. The Nats Express, the free shuttle for fans who choose to park for free at RFK Stadium, will depart from RFK beginning at 3:00pm and run continuously until one and a half hours after the final out. Fans will have the opportunity to view Nationals Batting Practice at 3:30pm along with a host of other pre-game festivities. Former Washington Senators PA announcers Charlie Brotman and Phil Hochberg will serve as the evening’s pre-game emcees. At approximately 5:30pm, Nationals Team President Stan Kasten will kick off the ceremonies with a welcome to the crowd. Following his remarks, DC Sports & Entertainment Commission Chair Matthew Cutts and City Council Chairman Vincent Gray will address the fans. Mayor Fenty will close out remarks and lead District and team officials into the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony behind Home Plate. The U.S. Navy Color Guard will then present the colors, prior to the performance of the National Anthem by Navy Chief Musician Yolanda Pelzer. The umpires will receive the line-up card from City Council Chairman Gray and DCSEC Chairman Cutts will start the game by announcing “Washington…Let’s Play Ball”.

“It’s a proud day in the District as we celebrate the grand opening of the city’s newest monument, Nationals Park on time and within the cost cap. We are thankful for the leadership and support of the Mayor and the Council, and we truly appreciate all of the hard work by the construction team and the Nationals to make this dream of a new stadium a reality. It is our hope that the new stadium will not only serve the Nationals but also enhance the community," said DC Sports and Entertainment Commission CEO Gregory A. O’Dell.


Anonymous said...

So will tailgating be permitted in Lot 8 this season?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Yes--in fact--I recall Mr. Kasten specifically talking about how this set up will allow fans who enjoyed tailgating at RFK to do so again--in Lot 8 and still attend the Nats Games on South Capitol Street

Unknown said...

Question for the group - has any other season ticket holder NOT received their tickets to the exhibition game? I have two partial-season tickets, and I have not received my tickets yet. A friend who also has a partial season ticket plan hasn't received her tickets yet either. I contacted the ticket office, and they told me that they were looking into getting the tickets to me, but I haven't heard back since despite follow-up. I'm getting a bit concerned, especially since a friend of mine who's not a season ticket holder already has her tickets through Stub Hub.

Chuck B. said...


I received my tickets late last week. I am also a partial plan holder.

An Briosca Mor said...

Ditto. I'm a 20-game plan holder and I got my exhib game ticket last week too. Tuesday, I think it was. You haven't thrown out any nondescript white envelopes with a CA return address that came in your mail recently, have you?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the feedback. I don't recall such an envelope, but I'll root through my garbage can tonight before I take it to the curb tomorrow!

An Briosca Mor said...

One other thing. You might want to log in to your account on My Nationals Tickets and see if your exhibition tix show up there. My Nationals Tickets seems to be up now (it has been down for pre-season maintenance for a couple of months) and I logged in today and saw all of my tickets, including the exhibition game. If you can find your tickets there, it means they do exist and you should then be able to do an e-mail transfer to someone (or even yourself at a different e-mail address) and print them out.

Anonymous said...

What are you doing SBF? It'd be great to get a report back from folks trying different transportation options to find out which was the most efficient. And pleasant.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mick: Sohna and I are planning Metro as the first choice. But, if I can get confirmation that The Nats Express will operate beginning at 3PM on Sunday for Opening Night--then we might seriously switch to that idea--to try out.

But you can bet--I will be reporting everything I see that night on transportation and parking at New Nationals Park.

Anonymous said...

We come from Howard County. It used to take 35 minutes to get to RFK.
We took the metro to the GW game Saturday and the total time to the new stadium was 70 minutes. The next time we go we will park at RFK, take the bus and save $10 in Metro fares.

PS SBF when do we get the ten (nine) good questions with Manny?

Anonymous said...

I had to call my ticket rep directly to get my tickets, which I am told by him will be at Will Call. I would suggest calling your sales rep and pestering them until they get back with you.

And I know I will be tailgating in lot 8!

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumor that some, if not all concessions will be complementary on Saturday?