Monday, March 24, 2008

The White House Easter Egg Roll

As all six of us lined up on the South Lawn--the only thing left for me to say was: "OK Guys--This is 'The Money Shot!!' Moments like this make everything--I mean EVERYTHING else--worthwhile."

My Best Friend!! Screech!! whistling in agreement as loud as ever heard. Yes, Our Washington Nationals Mascot--Screech!! and Our Racing Presidents were on hand at The White House this morning as Special Guests for The Easter Egg Roll--their second visit to Sacred Ground. The Annual Rite of Washington--when anyone fortunate to have a ticket can bring their children to The White House for Fun & Games.
Knowing well in advance of their attendance and having the proper credentials--opportunity was at hand for a seriously good time. The chance to shoot some Special Photos--for The Ages. Shortly before 8AM--as I joined the Press Escort through The Rose Garden and onto the South Lawn--looming right before me were Our Racing Presidents. Screech was already in typical form--hamming it up for the many kids arriving.

Without any of them noticing--slowly I approached and yelled out: "SCREEEEEEEECH!!" The sight of of My Best Friend's!! rather large head and beak slowly turning backwards--in acknowledgement of my well known scream--PRICELESS. Greetings and Salutations all around--immediately followed by "Let Teddy Win!! Let Teddy Win!!" Yes, let it be known that at 8:05AM on March 24th, 2008--that most famous of cheers--was heard at The White House!! Pretty Cool?!! "Teddy" again feeling the love on the grounds representing Freedom and Democracy.
An embrace shared when--out of the blue--his "Wife", Mrs. Teddy Roosevelt herself, posted up to relive the past. It doesn't get much better than that folks--totally happenstance.

The fact that Our "Rushmores" had returned to their Historical Home--the sight of their Greatest Fame-not going unnoticed by me. No way--I was missing out today. Could there ever be a more perfect setting for a Presidential Photo Shoot of George, Abe, Tom and Teddy? In a short period of time--Our Racing Presidents have entered part lore in Washington, DC.

Team President Stan Kasten telling me later: "The Racing Presidents are a little bit of history; a little bit of baseball; and a whole lot of fun. They're the perfect embodiment of the National Pastime in our Nation's Capital."

Honestly, this was a GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!

Just look at this photo taken deep on The South Lawn. Even with a few thousand in attendance--The Racing Presidents'Heads clearly stand out.

Really funny was the witnessing of GW, Tom, Abe & Teddy not even moving from their appointed positions. Everybody came over to see and take pictures with them. When The Cabbage Patch Kids, Tweedy & Bugs Bunny all want to share the spotlight with you--everyone on hand knew who was The Life of Party. Even The Easter Bunny himself--had to be seen with today's "Rock Stars".

Screeeech!! of course--continued to steal the show--whooping it up--getting some seriously nice smiles and giggles from the many children enjoying time with their parents. My Best Friend!! never at a lost for fun.

Of course, as popular as Our Racing Presidents and Screech were--they were still not The Main Attraction. That honor goes to the actual Easter Egg Roll--the reason for this festive gathering in the first place.

On display today, the innocence of childhood --always a joy to witness. Many smiling faces at The White House this Easter Monday Morning--both adult and adolescent.
Since the very first days that Sohna and I sat down in Section 320 at RFK Stadium--Baseball with Our Washington Nationals has been the main attraction--but the friendships and camaraderie gained over the past three seasons--at times--exceeds the enjoyment from the field. Sharing this morning with My Best Friend!! Screech!! and Our Racing Presidents would have been exceptional--if not for the fact that The African Queen had a previously scheduled Diplomatic Appointment. A meeting that could not be put off. Sadly, Sohna had to miss The Easter Egg Roll.

Otherwise--there is only one further description about the time enjoyed--with some of our favorite folks--on The South Lawn of The White House this Easter Monday Morning--Nearly Perfect!!

So enjoyable to end this post with the phrase heard so resoundingly on the grounds of The President Of The United States Today--"Let Teddy Win!! Let Teddy Win!! Let Teddy Win!!

(Photos--All Rights Reserved--Nats320)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos. Yes, the presidents race has arrived. Now the question is, was Mr. Bush paying attention? When the fourth inning rolls around on Sunday night, I'll be watching him to see if he cheers for Teddy.

Anonymous said...

GW has to win on opening night!

Anonymous said...

Screech's Best Friend,

Apologies for trying to reach you this way, but am unable to find contact information for you.

Would like permission to use a few of your photos. Please email at the following to discuss:

Thanks, sir!

paul said...

SBF, did you ask superdelegate Tom whether he has decided to support Hillary or Barack?

On a slightly more serious note, I went to today's game in Jupiter. It's possible that Rob Mackowiak and Pete Orr may have misplayed their way off the team. Rob dropped a ball in LF (admittedly a tough play in the sun and wind) and Pete went into RF to grab a grounder but then threw the ball wildly.
It was great to see Nick Johnson do well, but Lastings Milledge lost his cool after taking a third strike. I think he now holds the Nats' helmet bounce record.
Ronnie Belliard looked solid at second base, and all the Cardinal fans around me regret his departure.
Odalis Perez looked pretty good. Two of the three runs should have been unearned (we lost 3-0), but the official scorer appeared not to give Mackowiak an error for his drop.
We got one runner to second base the whole day, which gave us all driving back to Miami more time to be stuck in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Dude, how old are you?

Seriously-this blog is getting more and more creepy by the day.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Paul--if Mackowiak played poorly and hurt his chances--who do you feel would benefit from today's miscues? Langherhans. Macowiak does have a $1.5 Million Contract. Orr has already said he was willing to take a Minor League assignment--seeing the near and long term possibilities in the middle infield for Washington. He has played well this spring. Orr knows he's on the outside--but people within the Organization have noticed.

Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

Would like permission to have a copy of the photo, 6th up from bottom of my grandson Tommy Behrens. my e-mail is