Friday, March 28, 2008

Lexus Presidents Club

Yesterday morning--after appearing on Fox Morning News with Steve Chenevey, Sohna and I were given the opportunity to visit The Lexus Presidents Club.

Nearly finished and ready for business--this Restaurant and Bar for The High Rollers is mighty inviting. The Dark Wood Accents, N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L-S, backlit and draped from the rafters (someone needs to add the "A" in Nats though), and the excellent addition of Historical Baseball Photos just have to be seen. Really, The Presidents Club's appointments are very nice. Starting late next month--Stadium Tours will begin that include a pass through this venue--when Our Washington Nationals are out of town.

This Exclusive Club is where all those famous Sport Magazine Photos are displayed. Just gorgeous stuff.

Also in Presidents Club--direct viewing windows down into Our Washington Nationals Batting Cages and The Press Interview Room--nice touches.

Here are some more photos:

Main Dining Room

Artwork including Dwight D. Eisenhower's High School Team Photo


Presidential Quotes About Baseball

Sohna and I enjoyed the visit--hopefully Every Fan Of Our Washington Nationals will get that same opportunity too.


Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of you on the DC.GOV website behind the Mayor taking BP

Anonymous said...

Are you on official vacation this week?
The Boss

Anonymous said...

Sohna and I enjoyed the visit--hopefully Every Fan Of Our Washington Nationals will get that same opportunity too.


paul said...

All right, it's prediction time. I think the team will lose the brutal twofer (two games in 20 hours, in different cities, to two teams' aces) then get off to a pretty good April, maybe even shock the world with some home field knowledge for the first couple of months. (Sound familiar? 2005?) But I think the rest of the division will grow wise to the new ballpark and knock the Nats back to third or fourth, roughly .500 at the end of the year. Look for us to make hay against the teams who only get to visit once/year. The team will hit some HR's but will strike out too much. The bullpen will be OK but will have trouble holding leads. Lopez will be traded for almost nothing--it will be worth it. Johnson and Young will remain on the team until the trading deadline. The rotation will be better than last year. (How could it not be?)
Attendance should get back to 2005 levels, too. Let's hope most of the folks are paying attention to the games!
I have one request: Can you anonymous folks give yourselves fake names so we can tell you apart?