Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parking For Military Folks Near New Nationals Park

Update: The Military District of Washington (MDW)this afternoon confirmed that a monitoring system will be in place at both Navy Yard and Ft.McNair to allocate parking spaces on days Nationals Games are in effect and the installations can be used for parkers attending games. Total spaces available--just a few hundred--no fixed figure.
This morning I received the following email from Our Good Friend Troy from Section 320 (Sohna's Fav). He was writing to let me know the following information:

"The Navy Yard and Ft. McNair are allowing parking on base for evening and weekend Nationals games as long as they don't have a big event planned. Of course this is just for military and those who have authorization to be on the base, but it will give some alternative parking for those folks. First come first served basis."

Well, you better believe I jumped all over that information. Just two phone calls later and a story in The Pentagram--The Ft.Myer Military Base Newspaper--confirmed everything.

Here's The Details--Per The Pentagram:

Washington Nationals fans who wish to attend evening and weekend home games may park their vehicles at the Washington Navy Yard or Fort McNair. A Department of Defense common access card, Retiree or Dependent ID card, and DoD vehicle decal are required for entry onto the installations for game parking.

Parking for Nationals Stadium events is available in non-reserved parking spaces outside normal working hours, after 4:30 p.m., on weekdays, as well as weekends and holidays.; DoD members may sponsor non-DoD guests in their party. At the Navy Yard, MWR food and drink concessions will be available before the game.

Normal DoD policies restricting alcohol consumption and open containers remain in effect. ; From either installation, it’s just under a half mile walk to the stadium. ;

Spaces on both installations are limited and will be filled on a ‘‘first-come-first-served” basis — public transportation is highly encouraged for those who wish to avoid the inevitable stadium traffic.

Parking will not be allowed for games that conflict with installation work schedules, or ceremonies and special events such as the Military District of Washington Twilight Tattoos on Fort McNair, scheduled for 21 May, 4 June and 25 June.

There is no charge for the parking at these two facilities. Total spaces--and this is just a guess--a few hundred on any given game date. Yes, I understand, both The Navy Yard and Ft. McNair are located on the periphery of New Nationals Park--but Free is Free. And as the transportation and parking issues work out over the first few months of baseball on South Capitol Street--parking a little farther out--may get you home sooner--in the long run. You just know those paying to park closer--are going to have a slightly tougher time managing the traffic.

Hey, it's another choice for some--nothing wrong with that.

Again, just passing along information that might be helpful.

Many, Many Thanks to Troy for the Holler!!


Anonymous said...

Go Army! Go Navy! When I was stationed in Chesapeake, VA back in the early 80s, I got Special Services tickets to the Tidewater Tides ballgames for $2 bucks. Too bad I'm not still in or I'd take them up on that free parking!

Anonymous said...

What's the neighborhood like for the walk to the stadium from McNair? When I was stationed there back in the early - mid 90's there were a lot of public housing projects along P street. I like free parking, but it is not worth getting mugged for.

Anonymous said...

I have taken advantage of this wonderful benefit several times. It is really a short hike- good exercise and parking as been readily available. Tons of spaces.