Friday, March 21, 2008

Stan Kasten's Thoughts On John Patterson

Late this morning--while attending The Ben's Chili Bowl Partnership Press Conference with Our Washington Nationals and Mayor Adrian Fenty--Team President Stan Kasten was kind enough to answer a few questions concerning yesterday's unexpected news. The Release of John Patterson from the team.

Here's that conversation with Our Team President. A complete wrap up of today's festivities on U Street at Ben's coming later this evening--once I get home from work.

I want to ask you about John Patterson. It was a stunning move to most fans? (SBF)

“I know that Jim (Bowden) had been thinking about it for, at least, several days—even Manny (Acta). Jim told me in the past couple of days that he was really considering this—and wanted to think about it some more. Yesterday, he said this is what we are going to do. Everyone was pulling for John, obviously, and maybe with more time—he still might regain the form we all hope he would—-but he hadn’t yet. We (The Nationals) take our game seriously. As you know now—we have quite a full pipeline of young pitchers on their way—and we need to make room for all of them.”

So—the team sees this as an opportunity for Chico, Lannan—etc? (SBF)

“Whoever—yeah. Whoever takes advantage of this opportunity, it will be great—whoever steps up. Between this year and next year—we know we are going to have an influx of many, many good young players.”

On Patterson—you could not trade him anywhere? (SBF)

(Nodding his head, up and down) “Yeah, you can safely assume that.”

Is it shocking to see him leave? (SBF)

“You know, I have been doing this a long time in a lot of different sports and it's never fun or easy. But, it is kind of inevitable. This does happen in this part of the game. It’s like someone once told me—if you are a stockbroker, you can’t fault falling in love with a stock. You have to examine the evidence and make the best decision you can. And that is exactly what Jim and Manny have done in this case.”

So, this decision was not a spur of the moment decision? (SBF)

“Oh, Goodness No. No. John worked out hard all winter and has been pitching for a month now and they (Baseball Operations) were not seeing what they wanted to see. So, they felt this was the right time to make the move on this issue.”

There was a report—in The Washington Post, I believe—that said John Patterson made a comment referencing Mark Lerner in the final decision making process. (SBF)

“Yeah, and I talked to someone about that. It was not done (said) disrespectfully. He was just musing, I guess, on whether that had anything to do with it (his release). The very notion is kind of silly as that is not the role The Family (The Lerner’s) have.”

OK—anything else? (SBF)

“No—that’s cool.”

More coming later tonight--including a nice interview with Nazim Ali (Co-Owner) Ben's Chili Bowl, Mayor Fenty and a host of City Officials. Ben's Chili Bowl is always packed--but this morning--it was Jam Packed!! And the Half-Smokes smothered with Chili were TERRIFIC!!


paul said...

The folks at Ben's are incredibly friendly. If you have out of towners, it's a must for lunch.

#1 fan said...


Greeting from spring training in Viera.

We've been reading that Perez is likely to be our opening day pitcher. For my two cents I strongly urge the Nationals to bestow that honor on someone who has been a Nat for more than a few months. I mean no disrespect but Perez does not have Nationals fever running thru his viens. Guys like Chico, Redding and Bergman are more representative of the team.

See you and Sohna soon,
Biff and Iris

Anonymous said...

I love the Hot half-smoke at Ben's. Get it with chile, cheese, and that good mustard. Smak!