Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Deserves It More

Whether you are playing better--sometimes--does not dictate that you make The Opening Night Roster for Our Washington Nationals. Looking to rejuvenate his career--Felipe Lopez has yet to again shine this spring. Strangely, FLop has not even played second base--even once. A position, seemingly, far better suited for his game. Yet, barring the finding of an unexpected trading partner--Our Number 2 will be announced at New Nationals Park on March 30th--as a reserve. You see--Washington is just not going to dump his contract.

That fact, leaves Pete Orr on the distant outside looking in. This Canadian Entry is now on Our Washington Nationals Radar Screen--pushing to make the 25 Man Roster. Versatile, with the ability to fill both infield and outfield spots with speed--Our New Number 4 has been impressive this spring. Orr has turned some heads.

But, it does not appear his hustle will gain him a Home White Jersey at New Nationals Park--less than two weeks from now.

At least, not early in this season.

Clearly, Felipe Lopez will be given every single opportunity to right his game. Being a former All Star Player gives this soon to be 28 Year Old--the advantage. Yeah--that and his rather large one year contract. Cristian Guzman has played well so far in Viera at shortstop. Ronnie Belliard continues to grasp the starting role at Second Base. "The Ballplayer" as I have so fondly called Our Number 10--will take the field with the starters on South Capitol Street--two Sunday Nights from now (again barring an unexpected trade or injury).

So, where does that leave FLop? Honestly, he has become quite the enigma. And this has nothing to do with how we feel about Felipe Lopez personally. He has been gracious and kind to both The African Queen and I. Our Number 2 is a Talented Switch Hitter with a terrific arm--qualities yet to be seen consistently on The Major League Level. Now, Felipe Lopez finds himself in a rather odd situation. Does anyone within Our Washington Nationals Organization--know what to do with him? Not one other Major League Team is going to offer anything special for him right now. Somehow, some place--Lopez needs to play.

But, where?

Why is he NOT testing himself at second base? Is this a ploy to move Belliard for a higher price? Really, Brett Boone can not be a serious option?!

Have Our Washington Nationals lost faith in Felipe Lopez?

I don't know.

Understandably, FLop's talents are hard to pass on. But it's also gotta be difficult to take stock in his Major League Game.

What I do understand is that Pete Orr, apparently, is willing to take on a Minor League Assignment. A designation, Felipe may wish to avoid at all costs. Lopez does not look like the bench warming type. Do you see FLop accepting a Minor League Assignment? (If he has options available) No. I sure don't.

Which brings everything back full circle. Pete Orr has the ability to help Our Washington Nationals on the field right now--while the more talented Felipe Lopez has yet to straighten himself out. Whom would you like to see make The 25 Man Roster come Opening Night--March 30th?

Who deserves it more? Does FLop need more patience and time to re-adjust? Why not reward Pete Orr for his efforts? And, should money matter in the final decision making by Our Washington Nationals?

We are only talking about a lesser role on a ever changing Major League Team. But, the ramifications could effect the entire 2008 Campaign.


Chris Needham said...

Orr might hustle, but keeping him up just for that would be a mistake.

Look at his career numbers. He doesn't get on base, and hits for about the same power as Jamey Carroll. That's a pretty brutal combo.

If we need speed/bunting/defense, there's Willie Harris.

Anonymous said...

Orr over Lopez?

Uh, no thanks.

Anonymous said...

for some reason i just really think Dukes will be playing second. He is a great athlete and I would love to see him get some playing time. this would also allow Jmax to be up with the nats

SenatorNat said...

Bobby Orr (or even Eloise Orr - old girlfriend of mine...) - but I prefer Brett Boone over Pistol Pete Orr as last man on roster, if it isn't Willie Harris - but, we just cannot let our pro-Canadian bias interfere with our best judgment, I believe.

I think the fact that Lopez has been taking so much work at SS this Spring indicates that he is going to be penciled in as back-up to Guz, and they are hoping that Brett Boone can be penciled in as back-up to Belliard. I infer that the brass has pretty much given up on Flop as everyday, while Acta still thinks that he has a decent chance of getting in there and lighting it up, if someone goes down; or, if Dodgers offer pitcher for Belliard and Harris, for example.

Question: is there a special ruling from MLB permitting one of Dukes' handlers to accompany him to the plate and stand next to him in left this season? I hope all this infrastructure, seriously, devoted to him can work. I do not recall Richie Allen or Albert Belle or any of these old school hotheads being padded by 4-5 coaches and mentors. Perhaps it would have worked. Only time and patience shall tell in Elijah's case. {What is it about the water in Tampa that is SO BAD for Washington sports players, e.g., what happened to Sean Taylor? (That is not a flippant comment - I am convinced we should avoid that place.)}

Trust in depending on the kindness of strangers. All Good.

Anonymous said...

What is it about the water in Tampa that is SO BAD for Washington sports players, e.g., what happened to Sean Taylor?

Sean Taylor was in Miami, which is as close to Tampa as Washington is to New York.

SenatorNat said...

The guys who killed Sean were from Tampa.

Trust in Aligator Alley. All Good{?}

Anonymous said...

On second thought, after reading this, i've changed my mind.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mr. Anonymous at 6:47AM & 7:40PM: Yes, I have read that report too. Thanks for your update. I make every attempt not to write off the top of my head--without any aforethought. FLop is an issue and he basically backed up my post today with his "Hell, No!!" comment to being a bench player. Although, I will give him credit for speaking his mind. There is nothing wrong with hearing what player's really feel.