Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ballpark Directory

Over the past week, Our Washington Nationals issued information regarding all the amenities at New Nationals Park. Not only the detail of the seating sections, but where rest rooms are located, each individual concession, Kids Strike Zone, First Aid--you get the idea. Yesterday, Sohna and I noticed these New Ballpark Directories situated around the new South Capitol Street Ballpark. Here are some pictures of the display--including Five Guys Burgers located on the Second Level (Club Level in the diagram--but outside of The Stars & Stripes Club--behind Section 240). If you click on any picture--you will see a larger size jpeg and the details. Legend on the left.

Just passing along some more information that might help as everyone gets adjust to New Nationals Park.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks... the directory photos in particular are very useful. I'll be linking to this post from NationalsPride.