Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Outside Food

Upon reading a report this past weekend concerning Our Washington Nationals and The District of Columbia at odds over Street Vendors around New Nationals Park--I wondered whether the policy on bringing outside food--sandwiches, chips, water, etc.--had changed from the one used at RFK Stadium?

This afternoon--while attending The Metro Photo Op with Team President Stan Kasten--I asked Mr. Kasten to clarify the issue for everyone.

The story about vendors on the streets surrounding Nationals Park. (SBF)

"Yes, I know what you are talking about."

With that in mind, I am curious to know whether there is a change in the policy of bringing food into the new ballpark by fans--from the outside? (SBF)

"No. No--it's the same as last year. You can bring in personal amounts of foods (to New Nationals Park). Nothing has changed. In fact, we are working with the city on all of those other issues--whether its vending, signage or traffic. An awful lot of things are going on with an awful lot of people--from The Mayor's Office on down. And we are going to continue to work our way through these issues. We do all our work--privately--behind the scenes. Not everyone wants to operate that way--but that is how we do our business."

So, there you have it. The same Outside Food Policy in effect at RFK Stadium--will transfer over to New Nationals Park.

Coming later this evening: A complete story on The Metro Trip with Our Team President--from Gallery Place Station to Navy Yard Station.


Chris Needham said...

Thanks for checking in on that.

I'm actually kind of surprised. I guess he learned from the terrible PR mess he had when he did the opposite when Turner Field opened.

An Briosca Mor said...

The outside food policy is buried in the fine print in the season ticket package we all (at least those of us who are season ticket holders) received in a timely fashion this year, unlike years past. It's easy to miss there, though, because it's under the heading Prohibited Items. I believe it's also been on the web site for just about as long. It's kind of weird, too, because in the midst of a long list of items that can't be brought into the park, they shift gears briefly to describe the food and containers that are allowed to be brought in, and then shift back to listing more prohibited stuff. It really takes some creative parsing to figure out what they are saying. If I was one to be bringing in outside food, I think I'd be sure to cover all my bases and carry a copy of the policy with me to show to the gate attendants, and allow extra time to interpret it for them as well, because I bet many of them will not be able to figure it out on their own, lacking law degrees as they all surely do.

Chris Needham said...

ABM -- why the cynicism? They've been trained by Disney! They're surely to be competent now.

If my cashier doesn't smile when she tries to not give me my change this year, I'm going to be royally pissed.

An Briosca Mor said...

Hey, if Disney can't take a staff full of disgruntled minimum wage employees and mold them into a true Mickey Mouse operation, who can?