Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scouting Report--Viera

Nats320 Bird Dog Scout--Tom--text messaged this photo of Odalis Perez on the mound at Space Coast Stadium today in Viera--while Sohna and I were out doing the weekend errands. Of course--at the time Our New Lefty was looking pretty good through three innings of play. In the 4th though, Andre Ethier got to him for a two run shot and eventually The Dodgers scored four total. Hopefully, Tom will be able to leave some details of what he witnessed today--since this picture clearly shows him sitting four rows back from The Nats First Base Dugout.

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Anonymous said...

First, I roam around every stadium I visit. The seat I was in at the time of the picture was to get a good view of the lefty. And as you know I talk to everyone.
OD looked good the first time through the line up. He seemed to tire in the fourth. My assistant behind home plate said he started getting up in the zone. Barry S said the homerun was wind aided, but since I was sitting in the left field bleachers when the homerun was hit and the strong wind was blowing directly in my face, I can tell you the homerun was not wind aided. If anything it slowed it down.
Talked with Mark Lerner at the end of the game. HE IS REALLY PSYCHED about the new stadium and opening night. He expects the fans will be as impressed with the stadium experience as he is about making sure it is a fan-tastic time at the ballpark.
Bob tried to convince me to stay for Monday's game, but one of us needs to be an adult so we're leaving tomorrow morning. The trek back to Maryland starts tomorrow morning at 6 am.
Cortney in charge of cheering on Mike on St Patrick's Day. Game better be on the radio Monday or I'll be pissed.

See you next weekend (I assume you'll get a press pass)
Good night from Melbourne, FL.
Oh, yes, Take Metro!