Friday, March 14, 2008

The Domino Effect

You never have enough players.

Today--proves the point.

So, how many of you had Ryan Langerhans in your player pool to make the 25 man roster? Well, due to today's injury report--Our Number 29 might well make the Opening Night Lineup for Our Washington Nationals. And he deserves it--because Ryan Langerhans is a terrific defensive outfielder. He can help us.

The announcement today that Wily Mo Pena will go on The Disabled List for most of the first month of the 2008 Season--has a Domino Effect on the outfield assignments assigned for Our Team come March 30th. A situation that changed slightly more--with the fear that Elijah Dukes has done more than just "strain his hamstring." In the time it takes to drive from Washington, DC to Viera, Florida this Friday--Our Washington Nationals, potentially, lost two of their projected five outfielders to injury.

This is why the Baseball side of any Organization signs up every single player possible--during the off season. Do you think Rob Mackowiak, Willie Harris, Jason Dubois and Justin Maxwell already understand the upside to today and their careers? You better believe it. Obviously, Alex Escobar may understand these circumstances as well as anybody. Our New Number 6 can't stay healthy even after sneezing.

Unfortunately, the clouds opened up today and rained on Our Washington Nationals Parade.

An oblique and a hamstring strain made for one gloomy day. An afternoon--the unexpected befell DC's Team.

Two prime players down--one for significant time.

Yes, that's a problem--but possibly, not a catastrophe.

Because, if you are prepared--any team can survive. Fortunately, Washington has backups waiting in the wings. The loss of Wily Mo, and possibly Elijah, should not dampen the long term spirit of Our Washington Nationals. Fate arises every single season. When you look on the bright side--a lucky break might be in the works.

More times than not--history proves, someone on the outside takes advantage to move ahead and step up. How many times has just such a situation come to fruition?

Like--too many to count. Opportunity is presently at hand.

Wily Mo Pena's and Elijah Dukes' power hitting strokes are certainly needed in the everyday lineup of Our Washington Nationals. Nothing like the Three Run Homer to hurt an opponent. But, their current disabilities have opened the door for someone else. During your typical Spring Training, there is only a limited time to impress the Baseball Staff. Now, a few more players are going to get extended looks.

Whether its Langerhans, Mackowiak, Harris, Dubois, Maxwell, Escobar or even Garrett Guzman--one or two more players earned a reprieve today. Yes, a few have already been reassigned--but the light at the end of the tunnel has now changed. The Domino Effect was felt this afternoon. Jobs are again up for grabs with Our Washington Nationals.

So, who will step up to the plate--and deliver? Who is going to be there on March 30th for The Inaugural Game at New Nationals Park? A new battle was engaged today. In the ever cascading tiles of black blocks with white dots--who is going to stand tall. Who will stop the freefall? Its going to be an interesting last two weeks of camp.

A short term situation Our Washington Nationals can survive.

Too bad Nick or Dmitri can't play the outfield.


Anonymous said...

Langerhans can help us? Somebody pass me the Pepto Bismal. SBF, I think you're right about most things. Let's agree to disagree on this one.

Screech's Best Friend said...

6th & D--That's OK, I have just always liked him. As a late inning defensive replacement and spot starter-Langerhans can be helpful. He had a terrible season in 2007 at the plate. He can only get better in 2008.

paul said...

I always assumed Dukes would be starting by June. He seems to be the best all-around player among the OFers. SBF is right. Langerhans will be indispensable in the late innings with a lead.