Monday, March 10, 2008

The Menu At New Nationals Park

The Variety of Food and Drink--promised for some time at New Nationals Park seems to be taking shape. Apparently, concessionaire Centerplate has been busy forging ahead to provide The South Capitol Street Ballpark with fare fit for all age groups and price ranges. And to their credit--they have listened to fans wants and desires. Many of the drab offerings from RFK Stadium's recent past are now a distant memory.

43 different choices currently set for the basic ballpark menu--while 11 Local Vendors have signed on board to provide their particular items for sale during The Inaugural Season of New Nationals Park. The most intriguing offerings on the list provided to me are "The National League Favorites". 15 Different Food Products--popular items from other ballparks around the NL. Four of which will be available at each and every home game of Our Washington Nationals. 11 others sold only at games on South Capitol Street involving those specific Visiting Teams.

The National League Favorites (available at every game)
Philly Cheese Steaks--Philadelphia Phillies
Sheboygan Brat--Milwaukee Brewers
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich--Atlanta Braves
Garlic Fries--San Francisco Giants

Visiting Team Selections (available only when that particular club comes to Washington)
SW Loaded Nachos--Arizona Diamondbacks
Chicago Style Dog--Chicago Cubs
Chili Cheese Dog--Cincinnati Reds
Buffalo Burger--Colorado Rockies
Cuban Sandwich--Florida Marlins
Texas Brisket--Houston Astros
California Sushi Roll--Los Angeles Dodgers
Knish--New York Mets
Pierogies--Pittsburgh Pirates
Fried Ravioli--St. Louis Cardinals
Fish Tacos--San Diego Padres

Of course Local Vendor Participation will include all the following:

Ben's Chili Bowl (Local Restaurant--well known in the area since 1958.)

Boardwalk Fries (National Chain)

Cantina Marina (Frozen Specialty Drinks, Tex-Mex & Cajun Food Choices)

Gifford's Ice Cream & Candy Company (Oldest Ice Cream Parlor in DC. Home of "The Dinger"--New Ice Cream Sandwich with proceeds benefiting The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation)

Kosher Sports (Grilled Kosher Hot Dogs, Garlic Knishes, among other fare)

Krazee Ice (Snow Cones with homemade syrups)

Hard Times Cafe (Another local favorite serving Chili Mac and Chicken Wings. Their Chili Nachos at RFK Stadium were a HUGE HIT in 2006.

La Piccola Gelateria (Italian Gelatos and Sorbettos--In The Stars & Stripes Club Only)

Mayorga Coffee (Espresso, cappuccino and lattes available in four different carts--give them credit for not just doing Starbucks)

Noah's Pretzels (Home of The Curly "W" Pretzel. Noah's cause is Autism--so they will offer a glueten free and casein free pretzel on their menu)

Red, Hot & Blue (RFK Favorite from the past two seasons--Barbecue, Brisket, Pulled Chicken. Well know Franchise in the DC Area)

49 Full Time Concession Stands are combined with portable carts to provide nearly 200 sale points throughout the ballpark--including the traditional ballpark fare.

Traditional Fare At New Nationals Park

Nats Hot Dogs
Sausages-Italian, Bratwurst & Kielbasa
Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers
Ballpark Nachos
Crackerjacks & Candy
Peanuts & Sunflower Seeds

Specialty Items At New Nationals Park

Vegetarian Burgers, Hot Dogs & Chili
Caesar Salads
Crab Cake Sandwiches
Crab Pretzels
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Burritos & Tacos
Sliced Corn Beef, Pastrami, Turkey and Roast Beef Sandwiches
Fish & Chips
Old Bay Fries
Soft Serve Helmet Sundae with Toppings

And still--that's not all--because Centerplate heard the call from the many parents out there. The Strike Zone (Kids Area behind Centerfield) will include a Rookie's Concession Stand--fare for kids.

The Strike Zone--Rookie's Concession Stand

Jr. Nats Dog
Rookies Peanut Butter Bar (Build your own Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with a variety of toppings & breads)
Nats Kids Meal (Hot Dog, Chips or Fruit, Juice Box or Small Soda, Nats Prize)
Fruit Salad
Sliced Apples
Soft Serve Helmet Sundae with Toppings
Assorted Candy
Kiddie Popcorn
Soft Drinks, Bottle Water & Juice Boxes.

Of course--Beers, Wines, Mixed Drinks, Soda and Water--on tap at New Nationals Park for the adults. And, I did ask the team about Price Points on all the available food items. That information not yet released.

Just wanted to pass along the New Menu at New Nationals Park--as provided to me.


Anonymous said...

I thought there was going to be a Five Guys??? Oh well, the rest look preatty good.

SenatorNat said...

How about one of those all you can eat deals now gaining popularily and dicussed on Mike & Mike this AM - any plans for same? Apparently, in some parks, they have graduated plans, with the most expensive having the most gourmet selections. This is a great way to rope in our young fans, too, as they are probably never going to play baseball; but we know they can eat mucho while playing their DS and X-Box, alright. "Put me in coach -Ican eat - Centerfield (Centerplate)."

Trust in a nation whose kids may not outlive this generation due to obescity. All Good.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be assigned to the Shuttle Launch tonight?
I'll send another picture.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Tom: No--unfortunately, Eliot Spitzer has kept me busy since early afternoon.

JD said...

For the Bucs games they should have sandwiches from Primanti Brothers. Nothin better than fries on your sandwich...

It's a Pittsburgh tradition!

Either that or offer "Pittsburgh style" steaks. :-)

Abby's Mom said...

Kudos to Centerplate for listening and responding to parents! Good for them to offer some healthy kids choices. I appreciate their efforts.

Abby will love the choices geared for her. This child is be in heaven with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich stand! And to have the kids meal include a Nats prize...great idea!

SenatorNat said...

The problem with Primanti Brothers Steak & Cheese smoothered in fries is that it is the single most cumbersome sandwich I have ever eaten: you really would have a tough time managing it at your seat, at any rate.

Trust in an enormous pile of greasy, hot food in between two pieces of Wonder Bread, untoasted. All Good.(?)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Cuban sandwiches at the Marlin's games. I ate a Luis Tiant up at Fenway in the 90's. Wiked Awesome! I hope they carry over the Sweet Tea offered by Capitol Q last year on the party porch at RFK. That was the best drink in the entire stadium.

JD said...

Does anyone know who is providing the corned beef & pastrami.

'm hoping Brookly's Deli in Rockville. Best corned beef south of NYC!! (not to mention the brisket & pastrami!)

Screech's Best Friend said...

It is my understanding that The Traditional and Specialty Items--not specific to any vendor--are Centerplate items. Previously, they informed me that have their own Chicken Fingers Receipe. And, that is the reason why there is an Executive Chef on board at New Nationals Park. Centerplate has their own products and I would expect them to bring them out at Nationals Park.

Anonymous said...

A Nationals employee has confirmed that Five Guys will be at Nationals Park.