Thursday, March 27, 2008

Strike Zone--Ballpark Concessions Tour

"I've been holding back," stated DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. "Nothing like a Ben's Chili Bowl Half Smoke." Upon receiving his order--he immediately stated: "Where are the napkins?" Seemingly, 50 different people replied and pointed: "THERE!!!" Everybody laughed.

Mayor Fenty, along with Team President Stan Kasten were conducting the latest tour of New Nationals Park. Concessionaire Centerplate opened up many of their Main Concourse Concession Stands for food tastings. The Sony Playstations and Build-A-Bear Workshop--were open and ready for business in The Strike Zone. The Kids Area at at The New Ballpark.

But first--check out The Matching Green Curly "W" ties being worn by Mayor Fenty and Mr. Kasten. Available through The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

The PlayStation set up was fabulous. Each Sony Game is FREE for any child wishing to play. Vivid Screens and lifelike reproductions--puts the user in the driver's seat of an indy car or at the plate--hitting--at any Major League Ballpark--including New Nationals Park. Also--Karaoke.

The Sight of "Teddy" attempting his hand at "Guitar Hero"--excellent!!

The Build-A-Bear Workshop was packed with various accessories--exclusives to The New Home of Our Washington Nationals. The African Queen dressed up a fabulous Washington Nationals Road Grey Uniform Bear. She really loves it SBF--fashioned, who else--But SCREEEECH!! My Best Friend!! playing SBF.

Mayor Fenty took some swings in the Batting Cages. His Honor, eventually, hit the final pitch--to great cheers. "Remember now," shouted out Mr. Kasten. "The Mayor hasn't been in Viera. So, this is his Spring Training."

The Concessions offered included Nats Dogs, Pizza, Phillie Cheesesteaks, Old Bay Fries, Pretzels and Popcorn. A huge Media throng attended this event--so you had to be choosy about what products you wished to try. Unfortunately, No "Dingers" today--even Mr. Kasten seemed disappointed over that fact. Sohna and I elected The Crab Pretzel first. Filled with crab meat and cheese--a good filling-- baked bread surrounding the product. We loved The Fajitas!! And of course--Ben's Chili Bowl. Sohna attempting The Half Smoke--all the way (Chili, Cheese, Mustard). Great Stuff--just carry a ton of napkins with you--Ben's was piling on the fixings today.

Of course--The Commemorative Souvenir Inaugural Soda Cup--including smaller versions with Red Curly W and Blue Nationals Park Logos.

Finally--Sundaes--Helmet Sundaes. In fact, we learned this afternoon--when any team comes to visit and play Our Washington Nationals--Helmet Sundaes will be available in plastic cups representing both teams on the field that day. So, this coming weekend--both Baltimore Orioles and Atlanta Braves Helmets will be served--along with The Red Curly "W".

At the conclusion of this afternoon's event--the media was invited inside The Main Team Store--located at The Centerfield Gate Entrance. You got to love how Our Racing Presidents are depicted all over this facility--including "The Rushmores" themselves embossed behind the main check out counter. "I guess you could say we went a little over the top--as usual--on the appointments," deadpanned Mr. Kasten. Throughout the store--Vintage Postage Style Signs with The Presidents in and around DC Landmarks. Really nice stuff. In fact, Our Washington Nationals are selling a postcard set of the artwork--$13.

There was a whole lot more to this event--the interviews and comments from various officials. Just no time to put it all together right now. More coming later.

And--how about this sampling of ARTWORK. Great Stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Mets fan here, great job with all of your pictures of the new stadium.

What is your feeling on the pictures of all of the hall of famers? Looks sort of out of place. I think it would have looked better if each column just had the curly W on it.

A lot of people have been complaining about too much Dodgers at Citi Field. This is along the same lines. Just looks out of place.

Though, did I remember reading something that the hall of fame might open up a museum inside the park, or am I just imagining that?

Anonymous said...

Pictures of HOF ball players at a baseball stadium...are out of place?!?
I guess pictures of US Presidents are out of place in Gov. Bldgs.
I guess pictures of great artists are out of place in museums.
Dan, anytime you can celebrate a warm slice of history--appreciate it! It's not something to be kept inside books or 'designated parking spaces'!

Anonymous said...

Hall of Famers from other organizations, with a big Nationals logo next to it. I would say that does look out of place.

Why not devote those areas to something distinctly Washington? The Washington Hall of Stars poster is already up on the parking garage... what about devoting the space to pictures of those guys?

Anonymous said...

Mark Lerner in his Curly W hat at the stadium = huge smile = priceless

Can you blame him?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Dan--Our Washington Nationals have devoted a tremendous amount of space to baseball history in the ballpark. Both Washington's and The Game Itself. Over time-there is expected to be a Washington Baseball Hall of some sorts--but that is a year or two away. What has been done--exceedingly well here--is capture the spirit of the game. Whether it's Walter Johnson, Babe Ruth or Satchel Paige--anyone visiting New Nationals Park will get a sense of how rich the game's past is. Nothing wrong with that in my book--and these Column Murals are just GORGEOUS!!

asnowballschance said...


Can't wait for Saturday Night! With all the necessary browsing, I might not even make it to my seat!


Btw, do you know what kind of beer will be available?

Screech's Best Friend said...

This link has the complete Beer Listings and Prices:


Eric said...

SBF, thanks for all your awesome work this off-season, especially all the stuff on the new ballpark. It's nice to have some idea of what to expect Sunday night, though I know that being there will be something else altogether.

I hope you'll use your access to pass this along, though: the beer options are an embarrassment, given how top-notch everything else is. I hope they will improve this as time goes on. We need microbrews, preferably regional, ON TAP. Think Dogfish Head, or Cap City, or even Dominion, Tupper's Hop Pocket, etc. There are plenty to choose from. The beer selection looks to be WORSE than RFK, and that's just too bad...