Friday, March 21, 2008

Going Metro Baby!!

Yeah--you just know I was at Metro Headquarters on March 20th to pickup the Commemorative Washington Nationals SmartTrip Cards. This past Thursday Morning was the first official sales date of the Limited Metro/Nationals Collectibles. When the Metro Official handed me cards with serial numbers ending in 101 & 102 for The Red Curly "W" Cards and 102 & 103 for New Nationals Park Cards--you can bet--The African Queen and I bought in early.

Yes--as has been the case in the first three years since Major League Baseball returned to RFK Stadium--we are Going Metro!! to New Nationals Park on many nights in 2008. And if so--we are going with these special cards. The Red Curly "W" is very attractive. $5 for each card, including insurance, if you lose it and have registered your SmartTrip Card at

These limited edition collectibles are only available for a short time. On Opening Night March 30th--Metro Official will be on sight selling these SmartTrip Cards at The Navy Yard Station. Also included, in the envelope packet, is a very attractive brochure explaining how to use Metro and arrive safely on South Capitol Street. Attached--is a Complete 2008 Home Schedule.

Nicely Done and worth the $5--cash--for each Nationals SmartTrip Card. Really, this effort is nicely executed. More information at this link--including online purchasing.

The African Queen and I may live in Alexandria, Virginia--but we are going Metro Baby!! to start The 2008 Season of Our Washington Nationals.

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Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow!
And yes we are taking Metro