Monday, June 19, 2006

Yanks Games...

First off, thanksmuch to Screech's Best Jeff for the ultimate in game recaps (containing much more info than any of Svrluga's) as you all know, I was out of town for Saturday and Sunday's games, and it was absolutely great to read about how we came back for both games...

I had no idea what happened yesterday, and it was only by fortune that I found out that the Nats game was being broadcast on a West Va AM affiliate, and so was able to catch the Majewski (less than magical) moments, and into the 9th, with Zimmerman's greatest moment of his rookie season. Man, O, man, I knew that we had a comeback win yesterday, and that it was an 11-9 final, but I had no idea it came from a 9-2 deficit. Wow. That's some unbelievable stuff. And then today (which apparently had the largest single-game attendance in RFK HISTORY!!!!), holy moley, I was pacing around our living room, listening to the play by play, and along with Charlie S., was freaking as I heard his call (BANG!!! ZOOOOM GO THE FIREWORKS!!!! CURLY W IN THE BOOKS!!!!)... As my mom and brother both commented, I am most definitely my father's son... Wish I could've been there of course, but had an awesome time as it is.

Wow. We took two from the Yankees, and what's especially cool, they were done in demoralizing fashion.

Yankees Suck!!!!

Whoo hoo! I love this game, I love this game, I love this game!!!!


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