Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just Not Competitive!!

After a brief run to get near .500 and spurning talks of a Wild Card Playoff run, our Washington Nationals have returned to their dismal play of early this season. The Nats were just swept by the Boston Red Sox at Fenway and they were never in any of the games. They were simply not competitive. And, the Red Sox threw on consecutive days: a Kansas City Royals castoff, a 65 MPH knuckleballer and Lefty throwing his 3rd Major League Game. Not one Nationals hitter could solve any of these guys, as well as, a handful of Red Sox Relievers. Soriano, Guillen, Zimmerman and Vidro swung at everything that was thrown to them. The entire team had no life, this, after come off the 2 most rousing wins in the Nationals young life...The Nationals have the worst defensive outfield in the game, no offense (even worse with Nick Johnson on the sidelines), and just downright crappy pitching. I only wish the trading deadline would come sooner so that the Nationals can start driving up the price for some of our veterans. Of course, Vidro and Livan are not helping themselves or the Nats longterm future of late. They have both been terrible. This all leaves us Fans in the unenviable position of seeing the team play out the last half of 2006 with no hope. And, that means its time to see what we really have in our farm system. Harris, Vento, Church, Corcoran, Traber, Broadway and catcher Solomon Manriquez--whatever talent we have, The Nats need to see now, so proper decisions can be made for 2007 and beyond. Come on Stan Kasten, get a hold of this team and give us some life and direction. PLEASE!!

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