Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why Can Every Team BUNT--Except THE NATS!!

It continues to amaze me how every single team in the National League can move up runners by bunting, expect for Washington. The Colorado Rockies, who have killed the Nats over the past 4 days, have, not only a good hitting team, but everyone of their hitters knows how to bunt. Of course we all now that Jamey Carroll did this very well, unfortunately, for the Rockies now. Moving a runner up to second base makes it soooo much easier to score with a single, and most teams seem to have no problem scoring from there. Its a basic fundamental of the game, learned as a youngster, yet no one here can master it. WASHINGTON IS FUNDAMENTALLY THE WORST TEAM IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. NO QUESTION. ITS A DISGRACE!!

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Bang the Drum Natly said...

And of course our team fave, D J, after bunting 3 foul balls in a row, replied later to the reporter with something like "sure, I can practice bunting all they want in between games, but it's totally different when the pitcher's trying to strike you out."

Good point. Why bother?