Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shea Stadium "JOSE" Song

I was watching the terrific 0-0 into the 12 inning Diamondbacks and Mets game tonight from Shea when Jose Reyes came up with runners in scoring position in the 7th inning for the Mets. AND THE ENTIRE STADIUM WAS SINGING "JOSE, JOSE, JOSE, JOSE"!!---THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS AT THE PLATE! THE ENTIRE TIME!! Sohna was making dinner, not realizing that the Nats were not playing and started to wonder why Guillen was playing when he was suppose to be injured. I explained to her that this was a NEW YORK Crowd singing for another JOSE!! It was very loud. We need some more support at RFK!! She couldn't believe how loud it was. Time to work on the vocal chords!!

What's With The Nats Medical Staff

Has anyone noticed that every single time a National's Players gets hurt, that player is only going to be out for a couple of days, just a minor injury. Then, said player is out for 7-10 days and needs a cortisone shot. Finally, after its obvious the Nationals player can't even pick up his arm, The Nationals place the injured player on the 60-Day disabled list and is basically lost for the season. How incompetent can the medical staff be? I read that the Nationals decided to release Team Doctor, Bruce Thomas from his duties, but still continues to use the Cincinnati Reds Medical Doctor as their final say on all injuries. Because of these bad calls by the teams medical staff, John Patterson, Cristian Guzman, Pedro Astacio, Brian Lawrence, Ryan Drese and now Joey Eischen are lost for substantial periods of time. Eischen has been terrible all year, how come it took the staff 2 months to give him an MRI that shows he has a torn rotator cuff. How incompetent can you be? Thank Goodness the Reign of MLB is coming to an end and Professional Staff is arriving soon in Washington.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I understand that Frank Robinson is devoted to many veteran players, especially those that went through the last few seasons with him in Montreal and now with The Nationals, but Joey Eischen just doesn't have it anymore. He has walked 5 consecutive batters over his last 3 games. Last night in the 11-2 loss in Philadelphia, Joey just added fuel to the fire already started by Majewski by walking 2 players and setting up a 5 run inning for the Phillies. If the Nats are going to be competitive they have got to let Joey go and bring up someone young like Bill Bray from New Orleans to see if the new kid can hack in on the Major league Level. The Nats are not going to win anything this year, lets find out what the young guy can do.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorable Meeting with The Robinson's

Fellow 320's: For Memorial Day, I was assigned to shoot beauty shots around the Nations Captial to use on tonight's broadcast. I happened to be at the Lincoln Memorial, walking towards the Korean War Memorial, TV Camera in hand when, lo and behold, walking right towards me is Barbara and Nichelle Robinson. I get this big smile on my face and Mrs. R notices right away and says "Nichelle, its one of those Section 320 Guys!!" I said "Yeah, what at you two doing?" Re-introduce myself. As it turned out, they were taking in the tourist sites before heading back to LA, since the Nats are on a road trip. They hadn't had the chance to see much. They just LOVED DC!! Apparently never had seen the whole place and have truly fallen in love with it. Nichelle enjoyed the fact that there was sooooo much to do here and the history that goes along with it. Completely different mindset here than the LA laid back ways. We went on to talk for nearly 10 minutes. Barbara says they LOVE OUR CHEERS and they try to stay up on it, but we are just too quick and sharp sometimes. I mentioned to them how Jose Guillen told Dan's Hotel Driver that he hears the Jose Song and wants us to keep it up. They laughed and said alot of players hear us and they really do appreciate it tremendously. She and Frank have talked about us on MORE THAN ONE OCASSION. We got into a fabulous conversation about Soriano (Nichelle's favorite player) and I mentioned how Sohna has come to like baseball, but she LOVES SORIANO. In fact, Mrs. R asked what country Sohna was from. And Nichelle said that the Lerner/Kasten group needs to understand that, yes you need to build from the farm clubs up, but you still need a draw to attract and eventually KEEP FANS and this is the one guy that can do it. She was impressed in how in less than 2 months he is the fan favorite and he will put people in the seats, and get you your money back. I couldn't agree with her more. They got a kick out of Sohna's Nickname for Soriano ("Wiggly Butt" for how he stands at the plate) Barbara said that she's been working on Frank about Soriano for a few days, but his influence comes down to what role he will play under new ownership. Franks loves the Nationals and wants to be a part of the winning professional franchise he knows it will become in a meaningful fashion. They both crossed their fingers and we laughed. Its was a marvelous, total chance, conversation. They said that Frank, although he would never recognize us in a game, is well aware of our noise. And has said he likes it!! I REPEAT---"HE LIKES IT!!!"

I then had to move on, but it was just great really getting to talk to them and she how much they really enjoyed our section and felt it added, POSITIVELY, to the games at RFK!! I have been on Cloud 9 all afternoon just remembering the meeting. JEFF

Alfonso Soriano

Alfonso Soriano, as noted in the Washington Post this morning, tied a franchise record by hitting 11 Home Runs in May. Henry Rodrigues hit 11 in May 1996. Last year the ENITRE Nationals team hit 13. Too bad Soriano will only be here through July 31st.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

RFK Stadium Crowds

Alot has been written and mentioned in the local press about the average Nationals Attendance Levels for home games this season at RFK. As most people that follow the team know, there are nearly 6000 less season ticket holders than last season. The Nats are averaging nearly 26000 per game in 2006 compared to 33000 in 2005. So obviously season ticket sales are the difference. But what I like about the 2006 fans are that this current group is into the games. They are knowledable and they are backing the team. The fan support has been LOUD throughout the entire 10 game homestand that just ended with the Nats taking all three series from Baltimore, Houston and Los Angeles and going 7-3. The 2006 group of fans are the Nationals BASELINE SUPPORT that the Lerner/Kasten group can now build on. The Nationals will become a highly successful team when ALL THE GAMES ARE ON TV and a real marketing program begins. The Nats need to draw in the casual fans making the Nationals a MUST SEE EVENT, and I am sure Kasten can make it happen. We have great fans, that are diehard supporters of the team, whether they are good or bad. Its only going to get better in the next few seasons. The team is here for years to come and I am extremely happy for that. GO NATS!!

Marlon Byrd and "Z" with THE "D"

Today's game with the Dodgers at RFK produced two of the finest defensive plays of any season. As only the Nationals can pull out way in front, this time by an 9-3 score and actually almost blow the lead again. In the 8th, Jon Rauch came on a just didn't have again for the 4th time this week. Walks Lofton with 1 out, hits Saenz, gets Aybar to fly out and then Wookie falls apart by allowing Matt Kemp, playing his first MLB game after a call up for AA, to single to load the bases. Of course, Kemp had K'd badly in each of his previous 3 at bats. With the bases now load and 2 strikes on Andre Ethier, Rauch amazingly HITS HIM TO FORCE IN A RUN!! Frank Robby has seen enough and calls in Santiago Ramirez with a 5 run lead. Dodgers Catcher Russell Martin is at the plate and on a 1-0 count DRILLS A SHARP LINER TO LEFT CENTERFIELD. Nats CF Marlon Byrd charges all the way and as the ball is a split second away from hitting the ground, and rolling past him for a bases clearing triple, BYRD DIVES FORWARD AND FACE PLANTS HIMSELF FULLOUT AND SNARES THE BALL BEFORE IT HITS THE GRASS! ITS WAS A MARVELOUS CATCH!! THE BEST AT RFK OVER 2 SEASONS AND WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE!! RFK WENT NUTS!!!
In the 9th, Saul Rivera is called on by the Nats to end the game, he gives up a leadoff singles to Oscar Robles but retires the next 2 hitters. Sandy Alomar Jr comes up and sharply grounds a ball over the 3rd base bag, Zimmerman drives for the ball to his right, grabs it, rolls over the 3rd base line, gets up and fires an off balance throw to the right of Nick Johnson and toward right field. Nick streches as far as he possibly can, short hops the ball, keeps his left foot on the bag to get Alomar by a split second TO END THE GAME!! IT WAS A FABULOUS ENDING!! The over 30,000 faithful at RFK gave up some serious approving applause.

Zimmerman, Soriano and Nick Johnson (2 times) all hit homers. During this 7 and 3 10 game homestand the Nats played good fundamental baseball for the most part. Had clutch hitting, solid pitching and good fielding bringing back alot of memories from the early part of 2005. This was the first back to back series wins and homestand winning series since late June, 2005!!

Soriano continues to play at all star level. He hustled to back up Byrd BIG TIME on the lunging Byrd catch in the 8th. It was a good sign, as he can be fairly lazy and not take charge when a ball is dropping between he and other fielders.

Ortiz look good until the 7th when he just ran out of gas at 100 pitches. Rauch, still recovering, apparently from food poisioning, had a very rough week. Santiago Ramirez and Saul Rivera, look like stop gap pitchers, at best. They do not have alot of confidence yet.

Every Nat that came to the plate today had at least one hit. And for the 2nd time in 2 days. The Nats banged out 16 hits and scored 10 runs. Both RFK Nats Record. And both wins against the Dodgers were by a 10-4 score.

The Nationals are showing some life, but if they could just get back to .500 and show that there is hope for 2006, I would be very very happy. We still need a decent backup catcher badly. Scheider could not come out today, during the romp, as Frank could not trust anyone else behind the plate. The team has to do something soon the remedy the situation.

The upcoming 9 game road trip to Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Atlanta may well decide the true outcome of this season. A good road trip and upcoming 11 game homestand could turn around the season.

Check out all the top plays at this link:

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mrs. R and Daughter

As most of you might have noticed, Mrs Frank (Rachel) Robinson and beautful daughter ,Sharon, were sitting across from me in Section 321 row 4, seats 1 and 2 across the tunnel left from me. In row 2 of section 321 there was a 7 year old African American handicapped child with his father enjoying game. During the 5th inning, Sharon went down to the dugout, motioned to Frank Robinson and 5 minutes later returned with a signed Frank Robinson baseball for the kid. Sohna and I applauded her as she returned to her seat and she nodded her approval. After the game, I went up to Mrs R and Sharon and mentioned what a nice gesture it was. Sharon responded she just had to do it for them and "We need all the young fans we can get" Rachel said she enjoys our noise and gets a real kick out of some of the cheers we do. They both loved "What do we Want!!" "RUNS" "When do we need it!!" "NOW!!!" This is the fun of RFK!!


Sohna and I were talking today about how everytime Screech walks past section 320 and we SCREAM his name, he stops and bows, points and sometimes even GETS DOWN IN FRONT!! But we were wondering if inside that outfit, the guy playing Screech is thinking "What a bunch of Jackasses!!" We laughed for an entire inning about that!! Its very funny.

Shaw Hill was Outstanding in his Debut Today!!

Unfortunately Damian Jackson really SUCKED today!! Cost us the game on 3 different occasions. It was a good old fashion pitchers duel. Derek Lowe had his sinker going big time and Shawn Hill looked very solid. Beautiful Delivery and motion. Very calm and cool. Can even BUNT!! Gave up only 1 run on a HBP on their Catcher Martin, with no outs. The Dodgers moved him around with small ball, bunt by Lowe. single by Furcal, BUT The 3rd base coach for LA held Martin because HE WAS AFRAID OF SORIANO'S ARM. TWICE THIS HAPPENED DURING THE GAME. RESPECT!! Then Lofton hit a sacrifice too deep for Soriano to throw him out. Hill doesn't hit 90 too often, but he mixed it up really well, when he got into trouble, handled it very well. Got out of it for 7 innings. Lowe was terrific, the Nats couldn't hit a ball out of the infield for 7 innings until the crucial 7th. Nick Johnson, getting his stroke back, going 3 for 4, hit an infield single up the middle that Robles stopped but could make no play, Zimmerman, on a hit and run slaps one to right through the hole, moving Nick to 3rd with no outs and things looked great. Got even better with Marlon Anderson, FINALLY hitting in the clutch. slaps one to center scoring Johnson and the RFK faithful (nearly 28,000) were on their feet. With no outs. Damian Jackson squares to bunt and in typical Nats style, pops it up to Martin, the LA Catcher. I was steaming. With Schneider at the plate, with 1 out, Both Zimm and Anderson take off. The only problem was that Lowe had yet to start his motion. He just turned around, threw to second, Zimm out, killing the rally. Scheinder then slaps one right back to Lowe, INNING OVER!! Mrs Frank Robinson and Daughter sitting in my row but to the left across the walkway, both look at me and just shake their heads in disgust. I nodded my agreement. They laughed. Stanton comes in for the 8th. Gives up single to Furcal, single to Lofton on terrific bunt that Schneider had no play. Majewski comes in and Nomar first pitch drills it to left, scoring Furcal. Majewski then gets out of it when Aybar hits one of the middle off Gary's glove right to Clayton for a double play. 2-1, we still have a chance. In the bottom half of the 8th Danny Baez replaces Lowe. Byrd swings at the VERY FIRST PITCH (WHAT AN IDIOT!!) and pops to the catcher. It was INFURIATING! NO PATIENCE!! Soriano grounds a slow roller in the hole to short, Alfronso hustles all the way and beats it out. Ward PH's for Clayton and singles a soft liner to right, but Soriano, running on the play, has to hold up, not knowing if Cruz in RF will catch it. Things looked promising. Vidro the man you want at the plate, contact hitter--PROMPTLY HITS INTO A 4-6-3 DOUBLE PLAY TO END THE INNING. What is wrong with our team. Whenever a good hitter is in a clutch situation, they hit into a DP. The count was 1-1. What are they looking at, to swing at this crap!! In the 9th, Majewski stays in the game, but the Nats make a defensive switch that is the final stab in the back for this game. Mike Vento, just called up for AAA to replace Guillen on the DL moves to RF. Byrd moves to CF and Daman Jackson moves to SS. Andre Ethier (possibly the finest young hitter in the game) single to CF. Cruz Jr bunts him to second. Dodgers Catcher Martin grounds out to Vidro, moving Ethier to 3rd. With an 0-2 on PH Olmedo Saenz for Baez, a hitter that could possibly only beat out Matt LeCroy in a foot race, hits one into the hole, Jackson makes the play, has plenty of time, but hurries the throw as if Furcal is running and throws it short and to the right of Nick Johnson, its goes into the camera well for a 3-1 Dodgers lead! All's he had to do was plant himself and the inning would be over. Jackson is a HORRIBLE player. HORRIBLE!
The final disgrace came in the bottom of the 9th when Nick Johnson doubles down the left field line on the Japanese Import Saito (A quality reliever--really sharp). Zimm swings AGAIN AT THE FIRST PITCH and grounds to Aybar at 3rd for an easy 5-3. Robert Fick PH's for Majewski and K's with some terrible swings. Bringing DAMIAN JACKSON TO THE PLATE AND HE PROMPTLY STRIKES OUT ON 3 PITCHES FROM SAITO!! I looked over to Mrs. R and she just nodded to me in disgust!!

Good points. Hill was OUTSTANDING. Deserving of another shot. We need a CF. Jackson is not the answer at CF or backup short. We must lead the league in hitting into double plays with the game on the line. Its UNBELIEVABLE how often we do it. Love Zimmerman, but he needs to work on ground ball right at him. He blew another today that eventually lead to a run. But we can win the series tomorrow and go 7-3 on this homestand. Unfortunately Ortiz is pitching. Zach Day has now been moved to the 60 Day DL. You can bet he is gone for the season.

No Noise Last Night!!

With only Mick, Rob and myself in attendance, there was minimal 320 noise last night. By far the quietest night of the season. Even my main CSC security guard lady asked me after the game what was the matter. She said we were just average fans last night. AVERAGE FANS!! What a disgrace!!

LIVO LOOKED GREAT!! Nats win 6 of 7!!

Friday, May 25th Livan Hernandez looked like his old self. Lollipop curves, off speed crap that makes him so effective. The Dodgers were just lunging at everything for the first 6 innings. And, what's with the Nats!! Clutch 2 out run scoring hits in the past week. Its like watching good baseball again!! But despite the 10-4 score, we once again proved that NO LEAD is safe. Up 8-3, Eischen walks 2 hitters, forcing Frank to bring in Saul Rivera who Freezes KENT for a terrific BIG K!!. Then Stanton comes in to face one of the deadliest rookie hitters in the game in Ethier. After Ethier fouls of 5 straight 2 strike off speed pitches, Stanton drills a 90 MPH FASTBALL inside at the letters to send Ethier down looking. It was the defining moment in the game. I didn't think Stanton could reach 90 MPH!! Then, after Soriano hits his usual HOME RUN, Santiago Ramirez pitches for the Nats and does his best Chief Blown Save Situation by giving up a lead off homer to Cruz Jr, and loading up the bases, all with 2 outs and JD Drew at the plate. Cordero actually got up to warm up. And, if he had come into the game, I would have strangled FRANK. Chief has pitched 5 straight days. Fortunately, Drew decided to swing at the first pitch and sharply grounded to Vidro to end it. 6 of 7 sounds really nice. We are starting to look alot like the early part of last season. Zimmerman is going to be an outstanding all around player. Soriano continues to throw runners out trying to run of him. Alfonso is an EXCITING Player!

Friday, May 26, 2006

By the way...

Not sure if this has been said already, but muchthanks to Dan for setting this whole blog up. I owe you a cold one!


Thursday, May 25, 2006


Today's day game verus Astros is the MOST MEMORABLE game I have
yet seen at RFK. We score 7 runs off Petitte in 4 innings with a Johnson
RBI Single, Zimmerman, 2 out, 2 run single, Vidro 3 run homer with all base
runners getting on base with 2 outs and another Zimmerman RBI. UP 7-1,
Armas is struggling, throwing the ball all over the place. The Astros
realize that LeCroy Can NOT throw out anybody. So everytime a player
gets on base, that player immediately steals second. Houston slowing pecks
away at the lead and its now 7-5. They steal 7 total bases. LeCroy has 2
throwing errors to second on bad throws that Clayton doesn't back up.
If was LAUGHABLE. Tom just LOST IT! In the 7th, With Bruntlett at the
plate with a 1-0 count, Frank Robinson replaces LeCroy with Robert Fick.
With runners on 1st and 2nd Bruntlett squares to bunt, Fick misses the ball
and it goes to the backstop. Everyone could not believe it. Bruntlett
walks and the bases are loaded with no one out. Rauch AMAZINGLY GETS OUT OF IT!!
In the 8th, Ausmus draws a 1 out walk from Majewski. Jason Lane flies
out to Byrd in right. With 2 outs, Ensberg DRILLS a line drive that is
going DIRECTLY OVER SORIANO'S HEAD. He mis-reads the track and comes IN ON THE BALL. Its OVER HIS HEAD. He realizes it, at the last moment ,jumps back toward the ball AND AT THE VERY LAST SPLIT SECOND, LOOKING LIKE MICHAEL JORDAN SILHOUETTED IN HIS PRIME AS ONLY A GREAT ATHLETE CAN DO, SNARES THE BALL WITH A SNOWCONE CATCH!!!!!! Ausmus, believing, like everyone AT RFK that it was a clear double, had already passed 2nd and was going to 3rd. Soriano, ON THE FLY!! THROWS TO NICK JOHNSON AT FIRST TO DOUBLE HIM OFF BASE AND END THE THREAT!! It was absolutely one of the most amazing sequences in baseball I have EVERY WITNESSED. Then, the Chief came in toClose IT OUT!!. Amazing 8-5 win. ELECTRIFYING IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE IT!! Rally Time Richard and I could not shut up about the Soriano
Play. You must go to click on scoreboard and the GAMEDAY Review to see the top of the 7th inning sequence. It may be the odded half inning EVER PLAYED!! EVER!!


PS--And Sohna won the DC IQ Trivia and a $50 Gift Certificate to RED,
HOT & BLUE Restaurant!! JS

Carroll, Cheers, et al...

• Carroll - I too miss Carroll, I'd always been impressed with his gamer mentality.
He'd always hustle. No matter what. That's all I really ask for. Just put it all
on the line when you're out there. He excelled (and apparently still is) at that.
Gotta give credit to Clint for recognizing that, and it's paying dividends. I agree
Jeff (Screech's best friend HAH!), we should definitely give Carroll the standing O when he comes to town...

• Wiki & Jose - Found out from the recap that Frank didn't pull Wiki (sp?) for his gameplay (or lack thereof),
he apparently got clocked by a PrestOHn WilsOHn backswing, and Guillen left with a "cornea abrasion" (??)
Hopefully the latter will be back by Friday, got a friend coming down from Germantown for his first game,
and I'd dig him getting the full 320 JOSE experience!

• CHARGE!!! - I love our section... I was doing the trumpet-charge thing fully expecting to be
the solo on that, just clowning around, but to my joyous and absolute surprise, 320 had my back.
Props. Much respect!

• Gotta go to work - Enjoy the day game today, whomever's going, very jealous, 'cause I dig
Armas, and would hope that it's a good matchup vs. Pettitte... Gotta say, I love the fact that we
won last night, NO ONE in their right mind would've expected us to win vs. Oswalt. And, aside
from the balk, we really didn't. But he didn't get the win, the Nats did. Whoo-hoo!

Rock on.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jamey Carroll

As I have said before and will say for years to come, but now publicly. Why in the world does Jimbo complain about the poor defense of the Nationals, when he stupidly traded away Jamey Carroll for cash to bring in medicore and underperforming veterans that have no interest in being team players. Why is it that Clint Hurdle not only starts Carroll for the first place Colorado Rockies, not because of injuries, but because Hurdles says Carroll is a "gamer and versatile". Jamey even pounded out a home run last week against Toronto. Now--Hurdle has him hitting lead off. And, he has a slugging pct. of .455. Beats most any Nationals player.

FIRE BOWDEN!! Before he destroys the franchise down to the core!!

Wonderful Noise Tonight

For those of you who did not attend tonight's 5-1 win over the Astros at RFK, Section 320 ROCKED tonight. Everyone sitting behind and to the side of us JOINED IN to EVERY SINGLE CHEER. The best though was Negro, on his own doing the trumpet "DAT, DA DAT, DA DAT, DA DAT, DA DAT DAT" and out of NOWHERE everyone in the ENTIRE SECTION SCREAMED "CHARGE!!" Unprompted. IT WAS FABULOUS!!

Alfonso SORIANO!!!

Fellow 320's: It is absolutely mind boggling that as much as so many people hated, including me, the Soriano for Wilkerson trade, Alfonso is BY FAR, our most exciting player. You must watch him everytime he come to the plate, and fear for him every time a ball is hit in his direction. As much as I am positive he will be traded come July 31--I will actually miss him. He has made the 2006 Nats EXCITING!!

RALLY TIME!!!!! Monday May 24

Hey Frank Robinson: did Rich's "RALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME" on Monday night chill you to the bone like all 150 fans sitting in the stands? Or was it that bottom of the 7th desperation "BUDWEISER!!!!!!!!! that was more freightening??? Section 320 wants to know. We know you can hear us!!!


First I wish to walcome everyone to this blog. We are a group of knoledgeable baseball fans that are season ticket holders of the Washington Nationals. We sit in section 320 of RFK stadium. Last year during the inagural season of the Washington Nationals season, the baseball Gods threw this reg tag bunch of fans together. If we had to fill in a questionaire about traits of the other season ticket holders around us, we couldn't have done a better job (and probably wouldn't have ben put together). So we decided to put this together to let those folks who can't hear our cheers (the few of you that might exist) or want to hear more from us. I hope you all enjoy our rants rave and most of all our CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!