Sunday, June 11, 2006

Picnic At The Park, RFK 6/11/06

After today's 6-0 White Wash of the Philadelphia Phillies. 7 Marvelously pitched innings by Shawn Hill. A clutch 2 run double by Jose Guillen, and a MONSTER HOME RUN INTO SECTION 469 by Daryle Ward, Nationals Season Ticket Holders were invited to an on the field party after the game. Sohna and I attended, along with Rally Time RIchard, Nats Del Negro, Canada Jim plus MickNats and Mary. Although MickNats and Mary decided not to come inside after fighting their way to the giveaway. Sohna and I were able to get into and onto the outfield within 30 minutes after the game. A VERY VERY LONG LINE was slowed down considerably by the giveaway as you walked down the right field tunnel on to the field. Given away was a baggy containing either a RED OR NAVY BLUE Nationals Picnic Blanket and a Tan Curly W embroiderd cap with "2006 Season Ticket Holder" on the back. As is typical of any Nats giveaway, they just couldn't get it correct. All the staff had to do was make groups of lines for people walking into the tunnel, but instead they just threw them out causing everyone to fight for it. Stupid as usual. Sohna and I were able to pick up 2 sets of each color. After entering, there was a Red Hot and Blue barbecue stand in the right field corner/foul line. Ice Cream Giveaway with mini NATS RED BATTING HELMETS. Quite Cool. Hilariously, NEAL, MICKNATS Main Beer Pimp, was handing out the ice cream cups. Sohna and I loved that!! Lipton Green Iced Tea, AquaFina Flavored Water, HotDog, Frito Lays Chips and Various Ice Cream Sandwich Stations. In right and left centerfield, artist were drawing prints of guests. A moon bounce for kids was down at the left field foul pole. And a stage was set along the 3rd base line were a band played early on and at the end. During the main portion of the show, Charlie Slowes hosted and took questions from groups of various players. The first group consisted of Marlon Anderson, Daryle Ward, Marlon Byrd and Jose Guillen. The Second Group consisted of Brian Schneider, Nick Johnson, Ryan Zimmerman and Jose Vidro. Also Robert Fick, Saul Rivera, Royce Clayton, Mike Stanton, Shawn Hill, Matt LeCroy attended. The final group was Mike O'Connor, Chad Cordero and John Rauch. Rauch was especially hilarious and outgoing and told the top 10 things the Chief cannot live without. Number 1 being a SLURPEE EVERY SINGLE DAY!! NO LIE!! It was very funny. Also, Frank Robinson, Tony Beasley threw soft W balls to fans from the 1st base line. Later, Bill Bray, Brendan Harris, Shawn Hill, Tony Armas all joined in. On the 3rd base side, all of the aforementioned players made appearances throwing soft balls and the t-shirts that the Nat Pack toss during games. The fight for autographs was furious, but lo and behold, I was able to get an autographs FROM EVERY SINGLE ATTENDING PLAYER BUT Tony Armas, LeCroy and Stanton on 1 baseball!
Soriano did not attend, as requested by the team, due to his overwhelming popularity. No KIDDING. THEY FEARED A STAMPEDE. Unfortunately, Damian Jackson did not attended so I couldn't tell him to his face what an ASS HE IS!! The Chief was beseiged for autographs as he stood on the 3rd base dugout roof. After the handlers told him he had to leave, he took off his shirt, signed it and gave it to a handicapped kid sitting on the side. It was very nice. As he walked over to the railing that leads to the Nats Dugout a small child was crying to his mother about not getting his Cordero Bobblehead signed. Chad stopped, but the kid didn't have a pen, so I offered up my sharpie, which Cordero greatly appreciated. He then signed the Bobblehead for the child and asked for my ball and nicely signed it for me. As he was signing, I asked him whether he has heard those guys that sing the Jose Song and Alfonso Soriano from behind the dugout. HE SAID THE THE PLAYERS HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT ALOT AND LOVE IT!! I REPEAT: "LOVE IT" Sohna and I had a very nice 5 minute conversation with Tony Taveras. He remembered me from 2 previous interviews I had done with him for TV. We thanked for his efforts in making the Nats possible under far less than optimum conditions. He was very touched and gave both of us a hug.
Sohna actually caught a t-shirt and soft W Baseball. There was alot of good giveaways, including 2 roundtrips for 2 anywhere Southwest flys, but none of us won. I was listening closely for the names. The Nats 320 boys in attendance took pictures at home place and elsewhere. I have included a few of the goodies to this blog. We HAD A GREAT TIME!! Walking on the field, grass and infield was a nice feeling. The grass was very plush, the infield was very hard, making it fast for groundballs. Really proves how talented these guys are on hot smashes.


RallyTime Richard said...

Great pics from a great time, except for the line to get in. Once again the MLB management messes up something that should be simple. Although it was a long wait to get in, it was worth it.

Screech's Best Friend said...

What's really amazing is the amount of vile comments in the Fan Forum at about the Picnic. Despite the long line to get in, it was a FUN TIME!! Yet everyone online is bitching about how terrible it was, and there was too many people to enjoy anything. How they couldn't get any food and none of the players personally talked to them. What do these people expect when 15,000 people show up? The Nationals made a decision, to potentially trash the field to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to show their appreciation of the ticket holders support. Give me a break!! Sohna and I had a great time. And, the longer you stayed the better it got as people filtered home. At the end, we could go around the bases and stand for as long as we wanted, as only the serious fun people were left. HOW MANY TIMES DOES A MLB TEAM ACTUALLY ALLOW THEIR FANS TO WALK ALL OVER THE FIELD AFTER A MID-SEASON GAME? I would bet the Red Sox and Yankees NEVER DO THIS!! The Whining has got to stop from these morons!! It was FREE!!, There were GIVEAWAYS!! It only cost your maybe 2 hours more out of your day, for an opportunity that rarely comes around. This has really pissed me off!!