Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why You Never Leave Until Its Actually Over!!

Last Night, The Washington Nationals played a very ho-hum affair with the Colorado Rockies. So blaise that just over 20,000 (announced crowd) showed up for the event. The game featured the return of Fan Favorite, Jamey Carroll, thrown off the deep end unnecessarily by Jim Bowden over the winter to add the illustrious Damian Jackson to the Nationals lineup. Jamey, receiving, a nice standing ovation from those attending, ripped a single to lead off the game, subsequently went 3 for 4 with a double and a key rbi in the 5th to tie the game at 2-2. As I have said many times, JIMBO BLEW GETTING RID OF CARROLL BIG TIME!! The Rockies eventually pulled ahead 4-2 on what seemed like 4-5 broken bat texas leaguers and the Nats were shut down by Lefthander, Jeff Francis, at one time retiring 13 straight Washington Batters. But, the moments for this game came with one out in the bottom of the 9th inning, when, for those few still left in the stands at RFK, this game was all but over. Jose Guillen steps up to the plate. Guillen has been very solid in his first 2 starts off the DL. Going 2-3 Sunday against Philadelphia with a double and 2 RBI with a nice running catch to deep right center field. And heading to the 9th in this game, had an rbi single to score Nick Johnson in the 2nd and a nice catch on a ball driven high and deep into the right field corner that Jose grabbed while pushing himself up against the retaining wall. With a 2-0 count against Rockies All-Star Lefthander Closer, Mike Fuentes, Jose went with an outside fastball, showing serious power driving the ball directly over Rockies RF Hawpe and over the fence into the Nats Bullpen--making the score 4-3 with 1 out. Inexplicably, Frank Robinson decides to PH for Schneider (no qualms about PH for him--just the choice), with may main man---Jackson, who has been AWFUL!! AWFUL. No Suprise Jackson goes down Swinging!! If you are going to PH for Schneider--GO FOR THE WIN FRANK!! PUT DARYLE WARD UP THERE, QUIT WORRYING ABOUT THE PERCENTAGES SOMETIMES!! With 2 outs, Marlon Byrd comes up and gets behind in the count. Surprising, Fuentes throws him a 1-2 fastball in over the middle of the plate and Byrd turns on it and HAMMERS IT RIGHT DOWN THE LEFT FIELD LINE. It looked like it was a Home Run ALL THE WAY!.. The Crowd a RFK WAS GOING CRAZY believing Marlon had just tied up the game. The ball hits off the left field wall, less than ONE FOOT FOUL!!. But, it was foul. Byrd grounded to short to end the game on the next pitch. But, it proves my point about the greatest game. Its never over until the last out is recorded. You NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPENING. And, thats the fun of BASEBALL. I love it so much.

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RallyTime Richard said...

I don't know why anyone would leave any game early, especially when just as many leave early as stay the duration, it's not like the early birds don't hit the same traffic.

In the words of the great number eight "it ain't over 'til its over." (Berra, of course, not Yaz)