Sunday, June 04, 2006

Contract Year Soriano!!

Alfonso Soriano continues to be VERY IMPRESSIVE for the the Nationals. He is now on pace to hit 60 Home Runs, knock in 122 and lead the National League in Hits. Of course, he will probably lead the league in outfielder errors, but he continues to try for every fly ball, and loafs on balls that get past him. When he made a stupid mistake and ran from second with no outs in the first inning today against the Brewers, while the pitcher still had the ball in his hands, I was livid!! But, as he has shown all season, when he makes a mistake, he comes back to make up for it with a solo home run the next time up. Then, after making a fine running catch in foul territory on Prince Fielder, Soriano grounded into his first double play of the season to kill a bases loaded rally. But, in true Alfonso form, he wacked out a GRAN SLAM the next time up. You could just see his concentration at the plate. He was looking for the bomb the entire way. Except for Bonds and McGwire before the steroid issues and Puljols in 2006--Soriano is MUST SEE AT BATS!! Even Bob Uecker said before the game to Dave Jaegler on the radio broadcast that HE WOULD PAY TO SEE SORIANO HIT!! I couldn't agree with him more.

Soriano was the difference in today's 8-4 win to sweep the Brewers. We had multiple chances to blow out the game, but the Nats can never close out a game early. Without Soriano, we lose this game today, make no mistake about it. The Brewers are awful, play as bad as us at times, but they would have found a way to win a certain defeat today, if not for Sohna's FAVE!! ALFONSO SORIANO!!

The Nationals have got to find a way to keep this guy! He will put even the casual fan into the seats. We can WIN WITH THIS GUY!! AND, I AM JUST AMAZED THAT I AM SAYING THIS, CONSIDERING HOW MUCH I HATED HIM AND THE TRADE WITH WILKERSON BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED!!


Bang the Drum Natly said...

I agree,

Today's game was won almost solely on Soriano's shoulders (with some help by a very effective outing by Armas). It was a fun game to watch, I did almost spill my drink when Soriano got tagged on that baserunning gaffe, but as you said, he has the ability to "shake it off" (a function of the (Sohna's reference) "wiggly butt," maybe?) and come back. When presented with his second bases loaded opportunity, he made full amends. I also like what I saw from Bray, he seemd pretty damn poised out there.

I've said it before, I really really really really really really (good beer!) hope we can keep Soriano as a keystone for our club's building.

RallyTime Richard said...

It's just Alfonso being Alfonso.

You're preaching to the choir, baby!