Sunday, June 04, 2006


Fellow 320's--MickNats and I attended the New York Yankees/Baltimore Orioles game on Saturday Afternoon at Camden Yards. There was a sellout crowd of 48,195 in attendance. But what was really stunning was the amount of Yankees Fans at the park. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE HOME GAME FOR THE YANKS!! It is no exaggeration that at least 25,000 were rooting for NEW YORK. It may even have been 30,000. Our section down the left field line had about 5 others rooting for the O's beside Mick and I. The Orioles have a few less season ticket holders than the Nationals 16,000. Since only single seats are now available for all three Nationals/Yankees games at RFK in 2 weekends, you can bet RFK and the Nationals Fan Base is going to be challenged mightily for the weekend series.

The Mets have outragously ugly fans, but the Yankees might even be more smug and worse. Its going to be interesting!! Hope we can shut them up for 2 out of 3 games.


RallyTime Richard said...

I can just hear it now

Let's Go Na tion als!
Yank ees Suck!!

I'm interested to see the Yank fans response, both Washington and Nationals are three syllable words and do not fit into a Sucks cheer. Maybe they'll just cry and go home (to bad sarcasm doesn't translate when typed).

Say Hey Klib said...

I can hear it now

YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or how about

Johnny's a traitor,

Yankees Suck!!!!

Bang the Drum Natly said...

No big surprise on their turnout, the NY fans have always represented well at Camden, as have Boston fans (so much so that Dan called it "Fenway South" (great line)...

Get your vocal chords ion shape, this is ganna be a loud one!