Monday, June 12, 2006

Picnic in the Park, Part 2


What's really amazing to me is the amount of vile comments in the Fan Forum at about the Picnic. Despite the long line to get in, it was a FUN TIME!! Yet everyone online is bitching about how terrible it was, and,how there were too many people to enjoy anything. How they couldn't get any food and none of the players personally talked to them. ["I didn't get a red plastic Curly W Ice Cream Cap!!?? I didn't see the Lays Potato Chips or Coolers with drinks!!"] ["No Officials were there to complain to."] What are these idiots talking about? What do these people expect when 15,000 people show up? Every single top Washington Nationals OFFICIAL was on the field, except for Jim Bowden. Sohna and I personally talked to Tony Taveras and the entire marketing/pr staff. 22 of the 25 man roster made an appearance. All of whom made appearances on the 1st and 3rd base dugouts, tossing goodies and signing autographs. Frank Robinson was even there for 30 minutes. Another 16 players took the stage with Charlie Slowes to answer questions over 25 minutes for each group. If you wished, you could just take the giveaway blanket, lie down and enjoy a beautiful afternoon WHILE DOZING ON THE OUTFIELD AT RFK!! I saw many hundreds doing just that. The view looking up at the stands from the field makes the place look monsterous. Can you imagine what it must feel like when over 40,000 boisterous fans are cheering the lungs off. If was fabulous to imagine. The Nationals made a decision, to potentially trash the field to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to show their appreciation of the ticket holders support. Give me a break!! It was crowded but manageable. And, the longer you stayed, the better it got as people filtered home. At the end, we could go around the bases and stand for as long as we wanted, as only the serious fans were left. HOW MANY TIMES DOES A MLB TEAM ACTUALLY ALLOW THEIR FANS TO WALK ALL OVER THE FIELD AFTER A MID-SEASON GAME? I would bet the Red Sox and Yankees NEVER DO THIS!! The Whining has got to stop from these morons!! It was FREE!!, There were GIVEAWAYS!! Including 2 Roundtrips for 2 for 2 lucky ticket holders on Southwest Airlines, among about 30 prizes. It only cost you maybe 2 hours more out of your day, for an opportunity that rarely comes around. For a baseball team these complainers supposedly love. Give me a BREAK!! This has really pissed me off!!

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RallyTime Richard said...

I'll mostly agree, except the way they handled getting people in was enough to piss people off. We waited an hour to get in. We ended up at the back of the line because we waited at the gate that our tickets told us to, which was one quarter of the stadium away from where we entered. Forcing 15,000 people to use the same gate is another frustrating example of all the little things MLB management has messed up and could easily put a lot of people in a bad mood.

Noe that being said, get over it people.