Friday, June 09, 2006

And so it goes...

...Another quality start by O'Conner, especially given the fact that this was the first time he pitched to the same team for a second start... (for lack of better grammar);

...And another quality homer by Soriano... (as a leadoff guy, he was great, before the homer: three plate appearances and three runs scored, all without a hit, which leads me to...);

...Friggin Royce Clayton, who (if I recall correctly) is now hitting a silly .326 (.338 now, actually) since being moved up into the second spot, going 2-fer-4 tonight with two RBI's, or SBI's (Sorianos batted in) as I like to call 'em.

I didn't see the game, got stuck at work, but heard the complete lack of effort "play" of Damian Jackson, and actually, I heard the boos more than anything. Just glad he redeemed himself by going all-out, full-tilt to save the run in the ninth, with a play I did see, for it was tied for #1 in the Web Gems (the tie was an even more spectacular outfield dive-n-catch by some high school kid).

Back to Soriano, and the possible trade situation specifically, there's no question we are most definitely gonna miss him, though I like what Kasten said in response to the idea of a mid-season trade, which was that we'd definitely get something of high quality in return, and what's to stop us from pursuing him l;ater on in the off-season along with everyone else?

Regardless of what happens, Soriano the catalyst was in full effect again, and man-o-man, does he make for a fun game. Can't wait for tomorrow night, with the possibility of another showing by *CLEAR!* Cardiac Cordero!

See some of you out there, I hope!


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Screech's Best Friend said...

It was very lonely last night in section 320--Only MickNats and I were in attendance. No one sat in the "NOISE BOYS" seats, no one from Andrews Air Force Base on my left. It was very strange. And make sure you read my blog about Damian Jackson. Its ripe and to the point.