Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nats New Stadium

As most anyone that lives in the DC area knows, there has been a tremendous amount of angst over the funding, building and final delivery of the New Washington Nationals Stadium. With construction now underway, the bickering continues over parking, costs, and eventual final stadium design. When the ballpark artist renditions first became public, I seemed to be in the minority in liking the design. Mayor Williams wanted a NEW LOOK, not a retro park remake like Camden Yards. A Stadium distinctive to Washington. The Glass Panels and Concrete Design, if done correctly, will gleam at night like no other stadium in the United States. The New Wembley Stadium outside London is just such a FANTASTIC SITE to see at night. The Nationals would be proud to play in such a park. Sohna and I have attended a game at Petco Park in San Diego, the stadium most compared to the New Nats BAllPARK. We loved the stadium, beautiful sightlines, Modern Concrete and Steel Spires. Very open and comfortable setting. And, it revitalized a very bad park of downtown San Diego. The Washington Business Journal just completed an excellent story looking into the complete plan for the Nats Ballpark and surrounding area. I recommend the reading highly. At this link:

Who wouldn't want to attend a game on a beautiful evening in a stadium like this!! Really would be great!!

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