Sunday, June 18, 2006


In the GREATEST GAME PLAYED SINCE YESTERDAY, and the FINEST MOMENT AT RFK SINCE THE RETURN OF BASEBALL TO WASHINGTON, Ryan Zimmerman hits a NO DOUBT rocket 2 run GAME WINNING Bottom of the 9th Home Run to Deep LEFT FIELD giving OUR NATIONALS a ELECTRIFYING 3-2 win and SERIES WIN OVER THE HATED YANKEES!! You could go your entire life and not see such a great REGULAR SEASON ENDING!! And, unless we win the World Series, I just can't imagine being HAPPIER!!
Setting the stage, with the game tied at 1-1 a classic low scoring pitchers duel, Wang mowing everyone down for the Yankees and O'Connor hanging in there through 7, and he was in trouble throughout the game, Frank brings in Majewski to start the 8th. Gary screws around plate and walks Melky Cabrera to lead off. Jeter K's swinging, Giambi K's swinging and here comes A-Rod who crushes Majewski's very first pitch to the left field power alley scoring Cabrera and the "LETS GO YANKEES" chants began and didn't stop. Posada Walks and both runners advance on a WILD PITCH by Gary. AND FRANK STILL KEEPS HIM IN THE GAME!! Robinson Cano, acting like the Nationals with a pitcher in trouble, then swings at the very first pitch and grounds to Brendan Harris, who throws a terrible in the dirt toss to first but Robert Fick, pulls it out of the dirt to retire the side. In the bottom half, Harris lead off walk, Byrd bunts him to second. Scheinder grounds out for the second out. Soriano, down 0-2 in the count, somehow draws a walk. Vidro comes up and on a 1-0 pitch drills one into the left centerfield gap, sure to score all and give the Nats the lead, but Cabrera covers some serious ground and the ball hangs up just long enough for him to make a fine over the shoulder, running left to right, left handed grab to retire the Nats. Majewski stays in for the 9th and retires the side in order. Then the MAGNIFICENT 9TH!!

Wang, at 100 pitches, but totally in control stays in the Game. Rivera had pitched nearly 4 innings the past 2 nights and was not available. Gulllen, swinging mightily as always, grounds out to second. Marlon Anderson, bats for Majewski in the 4 spot and SWINGS AT THE VERY FIRST OFFERING--SURPRISINGLY IT SQUEEKS THROUGH THE HOLE TO RIGHT FIELD. Speed on the bases, 1 out. The PRO YANKEE Crowd for the entire inning has been screaming "LETS GO YANKEES!!" Non Stop. I was shocked that Wang stayed in the game. Proctor and Myers warming up. As the crowd continues to yell "LETS GO YANKEES", Ryan Zimmerman comes up and SLUGS THE VERY FIRST PITCH, NUMBER 107 FOR THE GAME FROM WANG DEEP TO LEFT FIELD, OVER CABRERA'S HEAD AND OFF THE GREEN WALL ABOVE THE BULLPEN. AND THE CROWD WENT CRAZY!!!! CRAZY!!! CRAZY, I AM TELLING YOU!! YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD SO MUCH NOISE SINCE A REDSKINS GAME from 45,187 in attendance. AS ZIMMERMAN ROUNDED THE BASES, THE ENTIRE TEAM WAITED FOR HIM AT THE PLATE, AND Z JUMPED ONTO THE PLAYERS IN GREAT EXHILERATION!! I started to scream "YANKEES SUCK!!" and every Nats fan in attendance started to follow. It was DEAFENING!! Z came out for a curtain call. Frank came out for a curtain call. Mrs R and daughter Sharon, right behind me 4 rows both gave me a HUGE HUG when I ran up to high five them. Sharon was in total shock and Mrs R said at first it didn't occur to her, like me, that we had just won in GRAND FASHION!! LET THE PARTY BEGIN!! I AM SO HAPPY ITS BEYOND ANY MORE DESCRIPTION!!!! GO NATS!! I LOVE BASEBALL!! IN DC!! Truly a GREAT GREAT MOMENT FOR BASEBALL IN WASHINGTON!!

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