Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yeah, I Know--But Its Baseball!!

Some people love The Theatre, others Dancing on the weekends. Many enjoy wine, spirits, and just hanging out with their family, friends or companions. That's all great. But, I LOVE BASEBALL. Washington Nationals Baseball. Our Washington Nationals may well be terrible this year. Or, they might surprise some folks by ending up at .500 (81-81). Maybe, they might shock us and end up with a winning record and compete, well before any EXPERT thought possible (Not Likely).

All of that does not matter to me. Many of you may not understand my passion. But, when you grow up in Washington, DC and have your team (The Washington Senators) so crudely yanked away from you at the age of 12--YOU NEVER FORGET IT!! Patiently, I awaited for the Return Of Baseball to Our Nations Capital. For 34 years, I never expected ANY TEAM to return or be granted here. Yet, miraculously, that FACT has become reality. And, I am loving every single moment of the experience.

Not every Major League Team has won the World Series. Nor, even competed in the Divisional Playoffs. Our Washington Nationals, may not make the playoffs for a few years to come. Yet, I am not deterred. Personally attending each and every home game, fills my heart with joy. This IS MY TEAM!! I love them, whether they win or lose.

Fortunately, through some VERY HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION, I have been able to bring my FANDOM to a new level. Its a JOYOUS TIME for myself and The African Queen. We LOVE THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS!!

And, On THE DAY THEY WIN THE WORLD SERIES!! (Hopefully, before I am no longer standing on this great world.) That Triumphant Day will be a GLORIOUS DAY, never to be forgotten. I am always positive. I may not agree with every move Our Washington Nationals make. But, they are, arriving after what seemed like an eternity, MY TEAM, My Washington Nationals--In MY HOMETOWN!!

At 47 years old, I am so very proud to support them, in whatever small way I can. Whether they are rebuilding, winning or just plain old STINK, I LOVE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IN WASHINGTON, DC!! There is NO BETTER WAY TO SPEND A COMFORTABLE EVENING!! But, more than anything else, I LOVE THE GAME OF BASEBALL!! Every single game is different, unique.

All this, I consider important to let you know.

And, finally--without the full fledged encouragement of The African Queen, none of my baseball passions would have risen to full realization. Sohna has supported and backed my efforts to the max. YOU HAVE NO IDEA, HOW LUCKY I AM!! Really!

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Anonymous said...

Dear SBF,

I know exactly how you feel. I often tell people that over the fall/winter of 2004/05 before the Nationals first season, my feelings of anticipation were like nothing I had experienced since Christmas back I was young enough to believe in Santa. I continue to look forward to this new season with great anticipation, as well. I don't think that I realized how starved I've been for a true hometown team until we finally got one back. It's great to be a baseball fan in Washington again!