Saturday, March 17, 2007


So, Our Washington Nationals sit Nook Logan today, Manny Acta places Chris Snelling in Left, Ryan Church in Center and Austin Kearns in Right. The RESULT: My Main AUSSIE slams two Home Runs, a double and knocks in 4 runs. Church hits two solid doubles, a single and drives in 4 runs. Kearns goes 1-3, scores 2 runs and knocks in 1. Final Score: Nats 13, Mets 1. Our Starting Outfield today went 7 for 14 with 2 Homers, 3 Doubles, 6 runs scored and 9 RBI's. Even Charlie Slowes was in Mid-Season Form on the Radio calling the game. Once again, I thought, his partner, Dave Jaegler was going to have to reach for the oxygen tank for Charlie, at least once today.

Now, there is no way this is going to happen very often, its just one exhibition game. But, I feel a lot better with THAT POWER in our lineup, than catch everything his way, but NO HIT, Nook Logan. Logan is a good fourth outfielder, defensive replacement, nothing more. Sorry Nook, that's how I feel, until you prove me wrong.

And, Jerome Williams finally showed some stuff, pitching four solid shutout innings. Remember, The Mets played their "A" Lineup. Its amazing what players can do when they know their back is up against the wall. His stock just went back up--BIG TIME!! I am happy for him. He is one of my favorites in the Roulette Pitching Derby going on at Nationals Spring Training.

Oh yeah, My Favorite Rule V Draftee, Lavale Speigner, pitched three more shutout innings today. Speigner is unscored upon in Four Major League Exhibition Games and Three Additional Starts at Accelerated Camp. Levale is making a name for himself. No way the Nats give him back to Minnesota.

PS--I just realized this is the 300th Post in the History of The Nats320blog. Not bad for less than 10 months work. I hope everyone enjoys it, as much as I LOVE WRITING IT!! And, I REALLY DO!!


Chris Needham said...

Sheesh. Rookies.

Come talk to me when you hit 1,500. Til then, go fetch me a beer! ;)


I'm glad they played Church in center. It indicates that it's something they're not opposed to, which I was afraid was going to be the case. Hopefully he's the fallback plan when Logan gets Watsoned.

JayB said...

I watched all of that game on Webcast. It has been tough to get a handle on our team by blogs, box scores and radio. I saw some great things. Best was no Nook. It is time to move on from the mistakes of hot stove season.....Nook, Guzman (still looks really bad at the plate to me just like 2005, Church and Broadway.

I am encouraged by many players this spring but still angry that Acta and Kasten and Jim were so out of touch reality when it comes to these guys and dishonest about Johnson........he will not play in 2007 and likely will not ever recover fully from what I see in his walk and hear in his words. Natinals had to know this was a hugh problem but "must sell tickets" above long term trust of fan base it seems.

tom said...

Ere's to another 300 great blogs!

SenatorNat said...

Hitting .300 is no small feat, hats off to SBF!!!

Chavez; Watson; and Logan. Three and done trying to find the perfect CF - the three here would be fine, presuming health: Kearns RF; Church CF; Snelling LF. And, yes, Logan as defensive replacement; PR; and even RH pinch-hitter, to surprise by laying one down...

Were Williams and Guzman twins, separated at birth, incidentally. Hopefully, Williams can hit better!

And Johnson most likely shall be in the line-up by June, in my opinion. No Lie.

Trust in Kasten. All Good.