Friday, March 30, 2007

Curly "W" In Centerfield

Invited I was today, to RFK Stadium for an opportunity to be revealed later. During my stay, I had the opportunity to go out to the sidelines of the field. The Grounds Crew was working hard, putting on the final touches to make sure everything is ready for Saturday's Exhibition and Monday's Home Opener. In centerfield, the grounds crew was cutting the grass in a particular way to form a Curly "W" when you look down on top of the field. Many baseball fans are familiar with this. Its become a standard throughout Major League Baseball.

"We are trying this out for the Opener," a Washington Nationals Official told me. "We are working with DC United to test this out. Not sure if this will last all season long, but once we move to the new ballpark in 2008, the Curly "W" will be a standard on the field."

Not much has really changed at RFK for its final season. Although the old ballyard looked alot cleaner, fresher in some areas. The Official telling me "We have spent all winter scrubbing and cleaning the park. No one had really done anything for years."

Never one to miss out on sitting in my customary seat in Section 320, I walked over and took in my standard view. Later while leaving, I noticed on the concourse, directly behind our section, Attman's Deli (I believe a Baltimore Establishment) has taken over one of the food stands, next to the Kosher Deli, replacing Burrito Brothers. But, I am not sure if Burrito Brothers has moved to another part of RFK Stadium.

Walking into the ballpark on a beautiful afternoon, with nary a person in sight, was wonderful. I sat there and took it all in for about 10 minutes--enjoying those precious moments, immensely. Very Nice.


Anonymous said...

OK, SBF, you got me with that one. Despite the season ticket snafu and this and that, now i'm getting excited for Monday. Thanks, i think we needed that.

Screech's Best Friend said...

anonymous: You are welcome. Enjoy.

Tobias Funke said...


Thank you for all of your great work this Spring Training! Your pictures of the Florida sun gave me the incentive to go down to Viera with some friends for Spring Training. And it was amazing!

I'm totally pumped! I'm going to be way out in Section 456 (dead center). But hopefully you'll be able to hear my crew over in your neck of the woods.

I saw that parking lot is not opening till 11:00 am. Any tail-gaiting plans? or bars you would recommend for the Opening Day favorite-beer and eggs.

Go Nats!

Screech's Best Friend said...

tobias funke: Thank you for your nice comments. Actually, The RFK Parking Lot Opens up at 10AM on Monday. I know that Miss Chatter has talked about a Lot 8 tailgate near the tunnel under the ring road on the grassy area just to the left as you walk toward that tunnel. 11AM estimate start time--BYOB.

Stop by Section 320 anytime to say hello. I am there each and every game.

MissChatter said...

I'm very intrigued! Please do post the rest :-)

And yes! Tailgate in lot 8 in the AM Monday near the dirt walkway in the grass toward the tunnel behind the Nats trailer. I heard it wasn't opening til 11 - is it really opening at 10? I'll be there as soon as possible! Look for the Nats red Jeep with a Nationals spare tire cover (and MSCHAT on the license plate)

Screech's Best Friend said...

misschatter: I will post the rest, its a goodie!! On Sunday Night, preceeding Opening Day. Its Perfect.