Sunday, March 04, 2007

Will Our Nats Extend Their Hand?

I have read with great interest the ongoing negotiations between Our Washington Nationals and their young Franchise Player, Ryan Zimmerman. Yesterday, Team President, Stan Kasten stated he and General Manager Jim Bowden will sit down with Ryan and his agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, today--March 4, 2007. "Brodie is one of those agents I don't fear sitting down with. I have a good relationship with him," Kasten stated, (while also laughing) on MASN, yesterday.

Mark Zuckerman confirms today's meeting in The Washington Times. And, as "Z" told me last month, he may not control his near future, contract wise, due to his minimal Major League Service time, but, that has not kept him from listening to Washington's offers. "Who knows what might happen," Ryan told me.

Ryan well knows, that HOW OUR WASHINGTON NATIONALS DEAL with him over his contract status during the next few seasons, will be THE STANDARD to which The Lerner Group will be held accountable as owners of this franchise. Nothing else, short term matters more, right now. I have no doubt, Mr. Kasten, General Manager Jim Bowden and The Lerners understand the importance of resigning Zimmerman for the long haul.

Certainly, Our Nationals DO NOT HAVE TO extend Number 11 long term, right now. Ryan is a few years away from Free Agency. But, if Ted & Mark Lerner what to HIT A HOME RUN with their FAN BASE--no time is better than the present, to begin the 2007 Season on a BANG!!

Like many Fans of Washington Nationals baseball, I will be watching today's proceedings very closely. Hopefully decency, common sense, and professionalism will prevail. And, Ryan Zimmerman will be locked up to stay in Washington as OUR FRANCHISE PLAYER for a good six years or more.

Without being forced, will our Nats extend their hand? Its going to be interesting.


Dave said...

This is the acid test. This is the moment. If they do not do right by Ryan, it will not be a good sign. Zim is the player who lends this team any reputation at all. He is a legitimate home-grown star.

If they don't give him the kind of deal the Mets gave Ryan's home-town buddy, David Wright, I'll be very disappointed.

Jim said...

I'm with you on treating Zimmerman correctly. But that includes not going overboard, as well. That same fan base that would cheer a grand contract now would sneer a couple of years down the road if Zimmerman didn't perform.

The track record hear is tiny. Impressive - but tiny. It would make sense to reward him for what he did last year with a nice bump in salary while offering a promise of grander rewards, should performance continue. A long term deal based on half a year just doesn't make sense.

Again...give him significant bump, now. And work together toward a mutually beneficial future.

I love the kid, and it's likely he will indeed be the future of this franchise. If that's the case, he'll get that huge reward. For now...thank him financially for what he's done so far.

SenatorNat said...

The team cannot have it both ways - using him as the keystone for the Nationals (marketing and planning the line-up around him) and then not take the calculated risk of locking him up. Is he Joe Namath or John Huate? Likely Namath if uninjured. Lock him up now - you have taken literally NO other financial risks, and this one seems prudent. Give him four years at $6.5 per, with calculated incentives...

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

SenatorNat said...

Huarte, I meant, Notre Dame QB signed by Jets for $400k at same time they gave $750 to Broadway Joe...

Trust in Werblin. All Good.

hartmanbirge said...

I can not overstate the importance of this. There is nothing more ruinous or demoralizing as a fan than to watch the kids whom you have followed since draft day and through their minor league development and major league manifestation leave the team for greener pastures. It creates a gypsie atmosphere and as a fan you become afraid to become attached to ANYONE and ultimately to the franchise itself. I've been there (long time A's fan) and it's horrible. Being a fan takes capital and it takes time - two commodities that are not to be taken lightly. My impression with this ownership group is that unlike Oakland they intend to keep their own. It's the only thing that makes watching all these minor leaguers worthwhile. You'll know that we're a loser franchise the day we see Zimmerman wearing a Yankee uniform.