Friday, March 16, 2007

For RFK's Last Season

Unlike most Washington Nationals Fans, RFK Stadium (Originally DC Stadium) means a lot to me personally. I have called it "The Greatest No Frills Park Of All TIME!! As a youngster, I was fortunate enough to attend 60 Games of My Washington Senators in that very same park, including their very last ballgame EVER!! And, I have documented my love of that team in various posts over the past eight months. My passion for My Senators was just as great as Our Washington Nationals. I grew up in RFK Stadium, and when Our Nationals close that final day of baseball at East Capitol Street this coming September 23rd, I will be saddened. But, not deterred. My fond memories there will last me a lifetime. For over 30 years after My Senators headed to Dallas/Ft.Worth, I never, ever, expected the three bonus seasons of Nationals Baseball at RFK.

The New Nationals Park emerging on South Capitol Street excites me. And, its daily growth, the definitive sign that Baseball IS HERE TO STAY, in our Nation's Capital. A team to truly call my own is now real and makes me very proud.

But, as the dawn sets on RFK Stadium, my favorite old, crusty, last of its breed, multi purpose stadium, I want it to pass with dignity. As such, I would like to see all the following commemorated during its final year hosting Major League Baseball.

First and foremost--The Honoring of Frank Howard, My Favorite Player of All Time--Hondo is, unquestionably, the GREATEST BASEBALL PLAYER TO CALL RFK STADIUM HIS HOME!!

A Special Day for the 1969 Washington Senators. Bring them all back, to be honored. 1969 was the Anniversary of 100 Years of Professional Baseball. It was also the only year a Washington Major League Team finished the season, playing at RFK, with an overall winning record, 86-76. At that time, there were not many DC Fans, who did not think, Ted Williams was going to led The Senators to the Promised Land. Until Owner Bob Short, ruined The Franchise.

RFK Stadium hosted two All Star Games (1962 & 1969), bring back Baseball's Greats so fans can enjoy their company, get autographs and cherish the moments, all over again-one last time. Washington has a rich Baseball History, lets recognize that fact. It doesn't matter if the players are over the hill, you only remember them from their prime.

Throw a Team Sponsored GIGANTIC TAILGATE PARTY in Lot 8, everyone is invited. Lot 8 is special and will be missed greatly once the team moves to South Capitol Street.

Allow One Day, for any fan that wishes, to visit the home and visiting Clubhouses. They may well be cramped and outdated, but its still a Major League Locker Room.

And finally, while we are at it, lets Honor The Washington Redskins, whose Greatest Days of Glory occurred on the sod of THE LOUDEST & MOST INTIMIDATING STADIUM OF ITS TIME--RFK . Three Super Bowl Champions called this old stadium their home. The Redskins have never been as good since Jack Kent Cooke built that monstrosity in Landover. Maybe once Our Nats move to South Capitol Street and DC United moves to the Anacostia Waterfront, the Redskins current despicable owner will finally show some grace and dignity, moving The Washington Redskins back to The Nations Capital--WHERE THEY BELONG!! in a newly rebuilt stadium on East Capitol Street.

That's all I want from RFK Stadium during its last season, except for, maybe one more thing--a surprisingly strong effort by our 2007 Washington Nationals.


mike edgar said...

Great stuff, as always, SBF. I went back and read your description of the last Senators game at RFK on 9/30/71. It left me wondering if Nick's dad is still with us. If so, are you still in contact with him? It certainly seems like he was a really wonderful man.

VCUKyle said...

Great Ideas for the upcoming season. I would not be surprised if one or two of your ideas get picked up since the Nats seem to be trying their hardest to have the fans involved with the team/game any way shape or form. I could see the locker room idea and possibly the Frank Howard day happen since Howard was at opening day 2005. I would love to see it all happen including a 81-81 .500 SEASON by our Nats!!!

On a side note since I live in Richmond, VA. FINALLY COMCAST will have MASN & MASN2 on their channel selection starting April 1st!!! ABOUT TIME!!! I still hate Comcast and can't wait to become a DirectTV member real soon.

Eddie Cunningham said...

Those pics of the Redskins sure bring back memories. Strange. At one time it seemed hard to imagine baseball being played at RFK. Now after two full seasons of baseball, it is the pics of RFK in football configuration that seem out of place...