Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A few months ago, Our Washington Nationals released some updated computer drawings for The New Nationals Park being built on South Capitol Street. Many fans noticed the Cherry Trees depicted over the left field bleachers in those pictures. Today, that picture became a reality. Team President, Stan Kasten, announced that a Grove Of Japanese Cherry Trees WILL BE inside the park. Allowing for the distinct possibility, a Home Run will be smashed into the Trees a few times, each and every baseball year.

Are we going to have a Home Run Tree Count now? (Sponsored by Asplundh--The Tree Cutting Company?) In San Francisco, Old Navy orginally sponsored Splashdown Hits into McCovey Cove at At&T Park (Now its Levi's). I bet Mr. Kasten is looking at that potential revenue source, right now.

Too bad the Cherry Trees can not maintain their beautiful blossoms year round. No doubt the Stadium will look gorgeous with the Cherry Trees in Full Bloom, at some point in April of every year. And, It does give Our Washington Nationals extra incentive to FORCE Major League Baseball to begin each and every subsequent baseball season with a home game on South Capitol Street. The Nationals need their best chances to open the season with the Cherry Trees in Bloom. The Second Week of April, could be iffy, at times.

I like the added touch. Helps make the Stadium Experience a little more personal.

PS--When the Trees reach maturity, will they block viewing of the Parking Deck well over the left field wall? I hope so.


SenatorNat said...

This is another example of why I sign off "Trust in Kasten. All Good." The rendering (picture) is spectacular and singular!! Plus, think of the symbolism: George Washington, who, unlike George Bush (according to my Democratic associates) could not tell a lie; and the Japanese who presented these to the Nation's Capital as a gesture of good will, back in the era of Home Run Baker, I believe, and who adore baseball of course.

I have suggested to Kasten, Hall, et al (nice alliteration!) that four bronze statutes, a la McCovey's pictured by SBF, be commissioned, depicting the four era's of D.C. MLB: 1. Walter Johnson (old Senators); 2. Josh Gibson or Buck Leonard (Grays); 3. Frank Howard (new Senators); and 4. Frank Robinson (Nationals) - to be placed suitably in or outside this park.

Trust in Kasten. All Good.

Dave said...

My favorite line in your post is when you talk about having MLB start each season with a series "on South Capitol Street." The emerging stadium, and the developing neighborhood around it, will change that part of town forever (for the better).