Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Good Week

Any Week, my new found friend, Tony Womack is released in the same week as Damian Jackson (by The Dodgers), has got to be a Thankful Week for Baseball Fans--EVERYWHERE. And Jackson took the word in TRUE FORM!! MY MAN!! never fails to leave an impression. I can only hope no other Major League GM gets any sharp ideas. Please let their careers REST IN PEACE. They are done.

BTW--Barry Svrluga over at The Washington Post reports that Monday, March 12th will be a cut down day. The Nationals do not wish to call players back in on Tuesday, an off day as originally planned, just to tell them to go home. It starts to get a little more serious now, as Our Washington Nationals only have 20 days to form the 25 man roster.

Opening Day, April 2nd, I am looking forward to a gorgeous day.


JayB said...

How many players are going to 'Cut'. (I assume many of them will just be reassigned to minor league rosters?)

What would you do with the pitching staff with two weeks of games in?

What do you expect them to do with Young?

Is it time to cut Guzman and play Lopez at short? Based on what we are seeing Guzman is not going to be a solution for the Nats at short after 2007 if he even plays in 2007. I say cut him, admit it was the worst move the Nats have every made and move forward with the young shortstops in 2008.

Screech's Best Friend said...

jayb--Not sure, but at least 5, possibly 10 to be cut. Toca, Thurston are some position players that come to mind. Lewis and Bascik possible pitchers. That would still leave the squad at 48 and counting. I believe if Williams, Simontacchi and Redding right themselves and are anything half decent by the end of camp, they make the team over Chico and Perez, because, if the first three have decent first halfs, they are tradeable and worth something to the long term development of The Nationals. Chico does not need to be rushed. Young was a little out of shape in camp, when I saw him. I think Bowden will keep him at Columbus to get in shape, and bring him up, when he's ready. And, ready to be traded, also. Guzman, unfortunately, will not be cut. They are not going to throw away $8 Million in salary. And, no one is going to trade for him, right now. He will stay until he's healthy and shows some spark. Those are the breaks. The whole SS/2B situation is totally in flux right now, depending on Guzman and whether The Team wishes to move FLop back to SS. Belliard and Wilson are in good shape right now, to make the team.

JayB said...

Hey SBF,

Thanks for your thinking. It makes good sense to keep the older guys even if they have not shown much. At least we are not rushing the young arms. I still wish we would spend a bit of cash (like Boz has been making the case) for some better pitching in 2007.

I understand your approach to being a Nats fan much better now and have read more of your back posts. I am using some of your observations of Guzman when I say it looks like he just wants to retire and go home with the cash. If I am accurate, how can Manny and JimB be so high on him even before camp opened? How could they not know he was (is and will be) still hurt? Did you ask about this when you had all that access or have you read anyone who has put direct questions about these issues to Mannie?

Screech's Best Friend said...

jayb-I think alot of folks were stunned that Guzman showed up less than 100%, especially after Manny visited him in January in the D.R. A couple of the Beat Writers also expressed to me their "Shock" that Guzman was not ready. You have to expect the team to put a smiley face on the situation. They have no choice. But, people have to be worried that he may not be ready come opening day. It changes the short term plans concerning Lopez. Yet, does open the door for Belliard and Wilson, and, once again, they become tradeable, if decent.

Make no mistake about it, Guzman is the most villified player in the two year history of the Washington Nationals. No one comes close. Even his agent, Stan King, whom Sohna and I talked with, at length in Viera, understands this. He wants Cristian back on the field, playing and remaking himself. Probably, like just about every single person within the Nats Organization. Guzman is the most puzzling player on the team.

JayB said...

vilified - "To make vicious and defamatory statements about" -online dictionary definition.

Perhaps by some but you have met him (not his eyes it seems) and we have watched him play. I am sure his agent wants him to remake himself ($$), but Guzman just wants to go home, it is very clear from his body language. A classic case of no love of game is what I see in Guzman.

What did Manny see in those work outs before camp.....I am expecting more from Acta that Stan Speak.

Anonymous said...

The Nats and the Dodgers had to be delusional to invite either one of those turkeys to camp.

Anonymous said...

They moved 4 to minor league camp today:

Van Buren

SenatorNat said...

Hunch on pitching is that Beltran; Hill definitely stay. Chico probably sent down. O'Connor is on the bubble. And of Williams, Simontacchi and Redding, only one makes the roster - most likely Williams...

Still a very slight possibility of Bow-Bow picking up some veteran cut by another or out of options somewhere around the league.