Sunday, March 18, 2007

That Quote Set The Table

I am actually in Chicago on business and will be here until this coming Thursday. But, when I got up this morning and read this quote from Washington Nationals Manager Manny Acta in The Washington Times ("We're looking for offense," Acta said. "We have to find some type of balance on the defense and offense. Let's not forget, we're not only missing Nick [Johnson from the lineup]. We don't have [Alfonso]Soriano either. So we need some offense, too." ), I just knew the writing was on the wall for Larry Broadway. This after General Manager JimBowden RAVED about Dimitri Young's TITANIC BLAST the other night in Vero Beach, against the Dodgers' Jason Schmidt. Manny's quote also made me wonder whether he was also talking about Nook Logan, after Saturdays onslaught by Chris Snelling, Ryan Church and Austin Kearns against the NY Mets.

Now, I read that Broadway was optioned to The Minors and Dimitri Young has been added to Major League Training Camp. I was only surprised he was recalled so soon. Young still needs to lose some weight. Our Washington Nationals do not have much power. When Manny mentioned Alfonso (the first time I recall anyone of authority speaking openly of missing Soriano this Spring), you knew something was going on. Everyone within the organization has been hinting and raving about Dimitri. All the beat writers have completed stories on him in the past few days. It was only a matter of time. And, the move makes sense, right now.

Broadway was given FIRST SHOT at seizing the job. I am sorry it did not work out for him. But, Larry can always be recalled. In all likelihood, if Travis Lee is optioned, he refuses, gets released and Washington ends up with NOTHING for his services. Under the current scenario, if Lee continues to play decently,Bowden could possibly move him at a later date, for something decent in return.

This is the way I am looking at 2007. Any veteran Free Agent that Our Nationals put on the 25 man roster, is there for the short term. And, hopefully, will be traded for younger, serviceable talent, throughout the season. 2007 is a building and re-building year, all at the same time. What someone does for us now, will hopefully get us someone better in the near future.

I find that SMART. I am sure others will not agree with me.

Then, later tonight, Logan looked safe when it appeared Manny has backtracked a little on Ryan Church in left, as Chris Snelling continues to have a terrific spring. Its plainly obvious. We are two weeks before the season begins. All the happy talk is over. Our Washington Nationals are getting serious about the upcoming regular season. Its going to be an interesting last 14 days of Spring Training.

PS--My work in Chicago is covering The Conrad Black Trial. Black is a Canadian Publishing Magnate up on some very serious charges. In fact, he's being prosecuted by the same guy that just beat Scooter Libby in Washington. For my Canadian TV Network this is their "Trial Of The Century" that comes around every two years or so it seems. So, I will attempt to find out whats going on with Our Washington Nationals once the very busy workday ends. Please forgive me, if some of my posts this week are brief or inconsistent.


Tom said...

So you are allowing NFA to catch up with you on the interviewing front, eh?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Tom: Yes--no problem. Brian does a terrific job. He far outdistances me on the Minor Leagues, Farm Clubs, etc. He's a top guy, although I have never met him. Hopefully soon.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I am surprised at the number of Expos fans who still root for their team although they are now the Washington Nationals. However, I am sure not ALL Expos fans feel this way and resent us taking their team. Also, I'm sure there are some Canadians who are not Expos fans but use the move to sharpen the ax they usually swing against Americans.

The upshot? If you are working for Canadians, be VERY CAREFUL to whom you express your pro-Nats sentiments!

SenatorNat said...

Larry Broadway is the biggest bust at first-base for Washington since Tom Brown. Back the Pack, and Trust in Kasten for All Good...