Friday, March 09, 2007

Mobile Ticketing-What A Concept

Driving today in my car, WTOP Radio read a very short news brief, stating Our Washington Nationals will be one of the very first sports teams to offer paperless tickets to your cell phone. The Fan would order a ticket to a game, download a barcode that would show up on your phone's inbox, saved, then displayed and flashed to The Ticket Takers at RFK Stadium upon entering. That was the extent of the story. No further news. Fascinated, I was, and wanted to find out more.

So, I called up my Nats Season Ticket Representative, right away. At first, he was not aware of this technology being offered by The Nationals, but he promised to look into it and give me a call back. Which he did, and gave me the rest of the story. Our Washington Nationals are testing the Cell Phone Ticket at all Home Spring Training Games at Space Coast Stadium, in Viera, Florida. At there is a complete page devoted to the concept, along with sample pictures. 125 different cell phones are currently able to be used with this new system. Although, Blackberrys are not listed, unfortunately.

But, most importantly, the information does say to "stay tuned for more information on Mobile ticketing opportunities at RFK Stadium."

I may be in my late 40's, but I love advancements in technology. The Cell Phone Ticket, not only ends the ongoing concern about leaving your tickets at home, at work, or in the car (unless you forget your phone), but, obviously opens up the door to seriously swap, trade, sell or giveaway tickets to others, immediately, without the worry of sending the tickets manually. What could be better than you arriving at the gate, before your late buddy. The late buddy has your ticket. No worries, now. Your buddy can just send you the game ticket directly to your phone. You can enjoy the game, without missing a pitch!!

No Problems. Technology is a Terrific Thing. Just Great Stuff.

Mobile Ticketing--WHAT A CONCEPT!!

PS--And, knowing "The NOISE BOYS" from Section 320 so well. Mobile Ticketing is a concept MADE IN HEAVEN for them!!

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