Sunday, March 18, 2007

And Angelos Just Never Gives Up

For the upteenth billionth time, Peter Angelos, has blamed Our Washington Nationals for his teams continuing downward spiral. Peter--Its NOT ABOUT YOUR FANBASE!! Its about YOUR PRODUCT YOU PUT ON THE FIELD!! Its also about YOU and YOUR HANDLING OF THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES!! As Owner of The Orioles you have overseen the DRAMATIC SLUMP of one of Baseball's Proudest Franchises. No, its not Washington's Fault. Its not Your Fans. Its not Baltimore's Fault. Its YOU!!

I will not be able to sleep now. That man gets me fired up as much as Daniel Snyder. Peter would you just quit. Your act is getting old, AND BORING.


Tom said...


Eddie Cunningham said...

I saw that article and asked myself this question...

"As a Washington Nationals fan, do I have any reason to care what this man is saying?" So I skipped it and read another section of the sports page.