Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Soriano In Illinois

So tonight, I was expecting to leave the Fabulous City of Chicago to head back to Washington, DC, when a GIGANTIC THUNDERSTORM ROLLED IN, canceling just about 60% of the flights at O'Hare International Airport. Unfortunately, I was already at the airport and checked in. There is nothing like being stranded in an airport with 10,000 of your closest friends.

As you can well expect, it was a ZOO!! And, never one to stand in a Customer Service Line ringing around the ENTIRE TERMINAL, I got online with my computer and rebooked a flight for Thursday to Washington-Dulles, via Richmond, Virginia. But, I still needed a place to hang out for the evening, near the airport. My producer, Jayne, was able to line up the closest Hotel, a mere 17 miles away in Elmhurst, Illinois--A SpringHill Suites, by Marriott.

None of this, I know, is probably too interesting for you. But, what happened at Check-In at the SpringHill Suites was terrific--making the adventure worthwhile. This particular hotel was having a "Celebrate Spring Training & Chicago Baseball Week" with their staff. Staff was encouraged to wear Baseball Attire for the week, in honor of Chicago's Teams-The Cubs & White Sox.

Upon entering the hotel to check-in, Consuelo (The Front Desk Attendant) was sporting a Chicago Cubs Home White Jersey with Blue Pinstripe and Cubs logo on the left breast. We began to talk about the Baseball Motif throughout the lobby. Of course, I am wearing my Navy Blue Curly W Cap and Grey Nats "Property of" Sweatshirt. So, I fit right in.

Since my luggage was stored away somewhere in the bowels of OHare International, Consuelo turned around from the front desk to pick up some toiletries for me from their pantry. I busted out laughing. Her Authentic Cubs Jersey sported "SORIANO" Number "12". She turned around, quickly, embarrassed that something was showing on her person.

Quickly, I said, "No, Everything is OK. I can't tell you how much Alfonso Soriano means to my wife. Last year in Washington, he was her favorite player. Soriano was the most exciting player on Our Washington Nationals. And, quite frankly he got Sohna's butt in our Season Ticket Seats for most of the season."

As it turns out, Consuelo is from The Dominican Republic, and follows baseball. Soriano to her, is a God. She was quite thrilled when Alfonso packed his bags last fall and moved to Chicago. She's only been to a few Cubs Games and some White Sox, but promised that she will go to "at least 10 games total this season, and definitely against The Nationals now."

Its amazing the effect Alfonso Soriano has on many, non traditional, fans.

On a less than stellar evening, my chance encounter with Baseball and Alfonso Soriano made my night, FUN.

PS--I didn't have my digital camera with me. I would have loved to take a picture of Consuelo and Me.

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