Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why It's Important

Today's Signing of 18 Year Old Lefthander Josh Smoker--Our Washington Nationals 31st Overall Pick in the June, 2007 Draft is important.

Important, because The Lines Have Now BEEN DRAWN. For letting Alfonso Soriano Walk after 2006, Washington received two pitchers in compensation. Smoker and Righthander Jordan Zimmeramnn. Yeah, a few years before the final results will be in, but anyone would have to be happy with two TOP PITCHING PROSPECTS.

Important, because it calls off, for now, all the shots at Our So Called "Cheap" Owners who many have said would never pony up the cash for Smoker. Well, they ponied up. If only they sign Jack McGeary (6th Round Pick who dropped in the draft due to signing with Stanford)--2007 would be a Great Draft, and a potential Turning Point--Milestone Moment--in Our Franchise's resurgence.

Important because the Smoker Signing backs up the announced beliefs of Our Home Town Team. Our Washington Nationals are to be built from within. You can't do that, without signing all your best young guys. You got to start somewhere. And,if you are going to Draft Top Guys--you better sign them. Why waste all the time and money to scout them--then let the players walk?

Important because Team President Stan Kasten's "PLAN" sure seems to me to be playing out--at a snails pace--at times. But, look how much better Our Pitching Prospects are from 18 months ago. The Difference Is Striking.

Important--because not only can you win with Young Pitching Prospects, you can trade them also. For that MISSING BIG BAT. That fact can not be understated. Pitching Depth speaks volumes in The Great Game.

Finally--Today is Important, because Our Washington Nationals continued to position themselves for now--and in the future.

Welcome Aboard--Josh Smoker.

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Chris Needham said...

The signing is definitely a good thing. I'm glad they got it done.

But I don't recall too many people thinking they wouldn't get one of Smoker or McGeary done. Most people assumed it would be Smoker, so they parred the hole. ;)