Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Savior

Big Jon Rauch PROVED HIS WORTH THIS AFTERNOON. Handed a 3-1 Lead with San Francisco Runners on 1st and 3rd--one out in the bottom of 8th. And with, Oh Yeah, that guy named BARRY BONDS STEPPING TO THE PLATE. Little to worry about with "The Wookie" on his game. When Rauch enters--Divine Intervention most always takes place.

Our Number 51 finished off Bonds easily, getting Number 25 to pop out to third in foul territory. Then, proceeded to fool Pedro Feliz napping at first base. A Little League--fake to third by Rauch--spin and throw to first base--which caught Feliz off the bag!!

What in the world was Pedro Thinking? I don't recall seeing that play work in years. And, was Feliz's mental mistake ever costly. Once again, Big Jon Rauch was counted on to simmer a decisive rally--get the game back under control--and DELIVERED.

Our Manager Manny Acta's most reliable set-up man--is a keeper. Good Teams win with players like "The Wookie" performing in the clutch. Yeah, "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" made it interesting in the 9th. And, Chad Cordero earned his 25th Save. But, Big Jon Rauch was the Savior of Curly "W" Number 53.

And how about that Joel Hanrahan--A Keeper? You Bet. The Man Can Hit--Also. Nothing wrong with that.

PS--I am lost flying around the country today. Airport after Airport. So, I have been catching up online in waiting lounges. Not much time to write much. And, I am low on power. The AC Outlets don't work in Orlando Airport. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Just a note about FLop. In the writeup FLop says he was affected by family problems before the break, affecting his performance on the field. Interesting...

Anonymous said...

I didn't see or hear the game, so I'm trying to reconstruct from written accounts, box scores and gameday. Kudos to Hanrahan and Rauch. Chief had no baserunners and no walks, which sounds like a pretty low key way to end the game and the series.

Three cheers to the team and Manny -- what a class act they've been in this series!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the wrong line for Chief - there was one hit and one strike out. But I'd still say that sounds relatively low key. I think I'm looking for numbers now when Chief has pitched -- I was surprised when I looked at his log for this season and found 19 1-2-3 innings in his 57 appearances.

Anonymous said...

Games like this make me wonder why the team was even considering trading Cordero or Rauch before the break. Bullpens are probably the hardest thing in MLB to build right now (considering how many teams are looking for help). The Nats have this aspect of the game covered. Why would they even consider giving that up? Power hitters are always available via free agency, and it looks like we're only a year or two away from having a capable starting rotation (if a few things fall for the Nats).

Jarrett said...

Flop is the right name if you are getting faked and thrown out at first.