Monday, August 13, 2007

Tipping Your Cap

For some time now, The African Queen has noticed that whenever a pitcher for Our Washington Nationals walks off the field--to a STANDING OVATION--said pitcher NEVER DOFFS HIS CAP TO THE CROWD. Nor, does anyone acknowledge the fans appreciation. I couldn't agree with her more.

Livan Hernandez ALWAYS DOFFED HIS CAP AT RFK STADIUM!! John Patterson ALWAYS raises his glove in thanks.

Yet, Not One--Not a single Washington Pitcher for Our Team has done so-IN MONTHS--on East Capitol Street. That's sad.

Yesterday, when The Arizona Diamondbacks Micah Owings was removed in the 7th inning, The Phoenix faithful gave him a standing ovation. Owings raised his arm in thanks.

Why Can't OUR PLAYERS DO THE SAME? Are Our Efforts not Flattering?

John Lannan, Mike Bacsik, Tim Redding, Joel Hanrahan and Matt Chico all received similar applause from Nats Fans at RFK during the past home stand. An Undefeated, 6-0 Home Stand.

Yet, not a single one of those pitchers acknowledged the fans cheer.


As far as Sohna and I can remember, only Jason Bergmann--walking off the mound in the 8th inning after nearly pitching a No Hitter--is the only other Nationals Pitcher to wave this season.

Are Our Fans Not Worthy Enough? Do Our Fans Not Provide Enough Support?

I don't believe that. Nor, do I believe Our Fans should be ignored.

To all the players of Our Washington Nationals:

When you are walking off the field to the HOME DUGOUT and the ENTIRE CROWD is standing--cheering your effort--Please RESPECT OUR FANS. Acknowledge The Adulation!!

A Wave of The Cap, or Salute with Your Arm is not much to expect.

And, nothing less is ACCEPTABLE!!

Yesterday's Game Photo--Jerome T. Nakagawa, The Arizona Republic


Chris Needham said...

Maybe because you guys cheer loudly no matter how pathetic the pitching performance is? ;)

I've seen standing ovations for 5-inning, 4-run dog performances. It kinda devalues the whole thing! :)

Anonymous said...

I always assumed it was a manny acta mandate--modesty and decorum above all. Or something. If you look at the player interviews, too, there's not much emotion as a rule. They stay cool, state the facts and are reluctant to take credit--like they're following Manny's lead. Bacsik is really the only guy I've seen get animated.

But I never took it as being cold or aloof. Just professional.


Unknown said...

I was at the Bacsik game on July 21 and he acknowledged the crowd. It was subtle, he part wiped his forehead, part just slightly tapped the brim of his cap, but he did. It was very appropriate.

If only George Michael were here to say "Lets go to the tape."

Jim H said...

It could be that the youngsters don't know the tradition and the veterans haven't had that many opportunities to get that kind of applause. :)

It could also be a combination of the two items above...perhaps a pitcher is reluctant to take credit for a pitching effort that doesn't go more than 5.1 innings. And perhaps they think they should "act as if they've been there", and reserve the tips of the cap for the truly spectacular.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

In view of the fragile nature of the Nat's pitching arms over the past couple of years, St. Clair may have told his pitchers not to risk further injury by raising the pitching arm to tip the cap. I would hate to see John Lannan tip his cap and then have to undergo Tommy John surgery.

Jarrett said...

Nothing personal.

The fans might have just been thinking about how no one in Washington sports outside of Gilbert Arenas can consistently throw a ball and produce positive results.

SenatorNat said...

I think that Bacsik should tatoo his head with the number "756" and, then, coming off the mound after a stellar relief effort, doff his cap!! And Patterson could have a small Canadian flag he might waive!!!

Good, witty stuff, everyone!

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Maybe they're trying to emulate former Senator manager Ted Williams, who never tipped his hat to the fans until the 1999 All-Star Game?

Anonymous said...

Sorry- could not figure out how to email this link directly to Mr. Nats320...

Hot new stadium pics.