Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lost In The Shuffle

Lost in The Now Ingrained Memory of Barry Bonds Home Run Number 756 last night was one terrific comeback by Our Washington Nationals. Our Team DID NOT WILT under the immense spotlight of worldwide publicity. Washington held their own, knocking--not only four Home Runs--but providing a Knock Out Blow to The San Francisco Giants with a Four Run 8th--that could only have left a sour mouth in Fans from The City By The Bay. Every Home Team's Fans always want to go home a Winner.

The Fact that Our Washington Nationals are now tied for 4th with The Florida Marlins was mostly missed. Its funny, how in most every single game recap, read today by me--virtually no one talks about Washington's Comeback.

No talk of hanging tough--once again--under great scrutiny.

No mention of Chad Cordero redeeming himself with his 25th Save--one night after blowing another. "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game", more times than not--is successful.

In Fact, Our Bullpen was spectacular. Chris Schroder picked up his very first Major League Win. What a Night To DO IT!! Schroder will NEVER FORGET THE EVENING!!

No word that FLop actually played a key role, hitting A Home Run. And, was much better in the field than shown of late. Yeah, I know, he should have dove for that Sweeney grounder in the 9th Monday Night--but he didn't. Being a betting man--Our Manager Manny Acta had a few words with him after that game.

And Nook Logan continues to contribute. Batting righthanded only, he has helped during the past week. Yet, I am far from confident that Our Number 7 is an answer--just a caretaker until someone much better comes along.

All in all, Its hard to believe--Curly "W" Number 52 was a TERRIFIC WIN--LOST IN THE SHUFFLE LAST NIGHT. A Bang!! Zoom!! of The Fireworks!! that far outlasted The New Home Run King of Baseball.

Too bad, The Nat's Faithful could not have witnessed last night in person. The Old Ballyard on East Capitol Street would have been ROCKING--in those 8th and 9th Innings!!

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