Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Main Man!!

This past Thursday, August 16--My Main Man!! Ryan Church was the Guest of Honor at The ESPN Zone in Downtown Washington, DC. The monthly "MEET & GREET" with a Player, Manager or Executive from Our Washington Nationals. Time was tight, as it was a busy day of Television News, but I managed to scramble over there by 12:30PM--as the Question and Answer Period was coming to an end.

WHAT A CROWD!! A STANDING ROOM ONLY PACKED HOUSE!!! Nearly 300 Fans. Even Charlie Slowes, the MC of the event mentioned-the attendance had to EASILY BE the largest ever in the three years of the Lunch Time Gathering. Most of the usual questions:

"How about that Home Run last night to Section 467?"--Answer--"GREAT"
"What do you do during the Off Season?"--Answer--"GOLF"

"What was it like being on the field for Barry Bonds' 756th Homer?"--Interesting Answer--"I was proud to be a part of history and standing in the same position he mans daily at AT&T Park. Really, it was a thrill."

But my favorite was this: "Who was your idol growing up playing baseball?"

Since the very first days of watching Ryan Church swing the bat, I have always said he had that BEAUTIFUL Will Clark Swing. Many Times I have mentioned this.

Ryan's Answer--"I grew in California and I LOVED WILL CLARK!! I wanted to hit like him and be like him. So, you could say I have copied some of his traits."

Brought a smile to my face!! If only My Main Man!! was as consistent as Clark was throughout a very solid Major League Career.

As the Q&A came to an end--the Large Gathering Lined up for Autographs and Pictures. Once Again, Our Washington Nationals gave each and every attendee a Red Curly "W" Summer Wear Cap. The Cue so long that it took Ryan over 1 Hour to satisfy everyone. And, make it impossible to get a quick Five Minute Chat for The Nats320 Blog.

My Main Man!! and I chatted briefly. He was fun as always. And, he was kind enough to sign my baseball with a special salutation:

"From Your Main Man!! Ryan Church 19"

Made The Day!! Our Number 19 also personally autographed the cap for The African Queen. Sohna just DIGGING Our New Autographed Baseball. Its a Goodie!! A KEEPER FOR LIFE!!

Now--If I can only convince Our Manager Manny Acta to move Ryan to centerfield and Nook Logan to the bench--due to the acquisition of Wily Mo Pena.


paul said...

I kind of liked today's OF alignment. Have your best fielder, Kearns, in center.

Congrats on your birthday, SBF. I had no idea. Make sure you come back from Mexico for another 48!

SenatorNat said...

When I turned 48, the Senators were still called the Nationals and Home Run Baker was their clean-up hitter! The fandom you have amassed is quite mind-boggling. Happy Birthday, SBF!

Trust in Clint. All Good.