Friday, August 17, 2007

Welcome To Queens--Say Hello To Columbus

Only a passover flight by airplanes taking off and landing from LaGuardia Airport and Mr. Met Himself, were missing from RFK Stadium tonight. A New York Invasion turned The Old Ballyard on East Capitol Street into a Subdivision of Queens. A Big Apple Makeover that found "Our Starter In Training" packing his bags and heading from The Capital of The United States--to The Capital of Ohio--directly after the affair.

A Ballgame that found Sure Fire Hall of Famer (and one of my favorite players) Tommy Glavine shutting down Our Washington Nationals for seven solid innings. A Typical Performance from the slop throwing and knowledgeable Lefthander. When you are tossing in off speed pitches at 68 MPH and the opposing batters are missing--YOU GOT SOMETHING GOING!! The New York Mets Number 47 one of the finest to ever pitch in The Great Game. 41 Years old and still going strong. Execution tonight that not only gave him Career Win Number 301, but showed little effect of a pitcher on his down side.

A Never In Doubt 6-2 Win over Our Washington Nationals that found Matt Chico pitching terribly for Our Home Team. Never finding the plate-and, when he did--The Mets Jacked The Ball out of the park on him. To throw 90 pitches in 4.1 innings is hard to do, even when you are trying. Our Number 47 lost his command, his control, maybe his confidence, and finally--HIS JOB--As A Washington National. Our General Manager Jim Bowden sending "Our Starter In Training" down after the conclusion of tonight's game. Matt Chico optioned to AAA Columbus. A Two Week Hiatus (until roster recalls) in an attempt to get his house back in order. And, to give Washington another roster spot--beginning tomorrow for newly acquired Wily Mo Pena.

Sad I am to see Chico be demoted, since he is Our Only Starter to make all 25 of his starts in 2007. But, even I can't deny the logic. So late in the 2007 season, why take a chance of putting Nook Logan and Ryan Langerhans on waivers--when come September 1--you can play just about anyone you want. No use losing a player now--whether they have established themselves or not. And just for the record--still in my corner--is Langerhans. A Good Outfielder and potential solid 4th outfielder. More talented than Logan--speed is only good enough--if you know how to use. Which, Nook does not.

Now back to the game.

How about THOSE METS FANS!! They were LOUD, ROWDY & BOISTEROUS. "Let's Go Mets!!" The Rally Cry Tonight. A Typical New York Gathering on a summery Washington Evening. Matt Chico got them started early by giving up a Homer to Left Centerfield to Damian Easley in the 2nd. And then had them raptured when he served up a FIRST PITCH FASTBALL to THE MOST DANGEROUS FASTBALL HITTER over the past 15 seasons, in the 4th. Moises Alou may also be 41 Years Old--but there has been NO BETTER, from My Generation, at Hitting A Fastball. Why in the world would "Our Starter In Training" throw one to him? Even Our Catcher, Brian Schneider had to understand his power. An arching home run JUST OVER THE WALL and out of Ryan Church's Mitt. Scott, sitting to my left in Section 320 was incredulous. Nearly at the same time, we both exclaimed: "How can you give him a FASTBALL!! No One is better at slugging it!!"

Yes, Moises Alou of the Knocked-Kneed Batting Stance can still hit the baseball--still a professional hitter--EXTRAORDINAIRE.

A hitting effort Our Washington Nationals also did tonight on Glavine--rapping out 8 hits. Although mostly small pokes that never seriously attempted to turn this game around. Look, Seven Hits from Our 3-4-5 Hitters didn't Help. Even RALLYTIME!! from Section 320 could not remedy the cause.

With their Future Hall of Fame Inductee, Tommy Glavine, on the mound--The Boys From Queens won a Major League Home Game Tonight at RFK Stadium. A Defeat that sent Matt Chico Visiting--to The Minor Leagues at Columbus.

Really not much to say about this one. Abe Lincoln Bobblehead Day tomorrow. You Coming??

Game Notes & Highlights:

In the top of the second inning, The Mets Luis Castillo popped a foul ball down the right field line, near first base. Dimitri Young Rumbled, Stumbled, Rolled and Caught the errant baseball. A Turf Thudding Body Drop that had EVERYONE on their feet in amazement. A Wonderful Defensive Play by Our 2007 All Star that found him standing on first base SMILING HIS PEARLY WHITES. Even New York's Jose Reyes, standing next to him on First Base had to laugh--So did the crowd.

An excellent effort by the Big Guy--overshadowed in the bottom of the 5th, when Ryan Zimmerman laced a hot smash to Reyes at shortstop with FLop running from first. A screamer that Reyes scooped, then lost momentarily out of his glove. A rebound that found Jose flipping to Castillo at second--JUST AWAY FROM THE BAG--to find Luis STILL CATCH THE BALL, with Felipe Lopez sliding into him at the bag--and get a pivot toss to first--JUST BEATING ZIMMERMAN at first base for an inning ending Double Play. A Spectacular Effort that found Ryan clinching his fist in rage. Even he could not believe he was out on The Defensive Play of This Game. A Fine Effort--set up by the talented Reyes.

A Zimmerman single followed by a Young drive to the wall in left center scored Washington's first run of the evening in the 3rd. A Double by Our Number 11 and single by Austin Kearns closed out the scoring for Our Nats in the 8th tonight.

Runs that The Mets scored thanks to the three RBI effort of Mike Difelice. The Journeyman catcher (and one time Washington National) popped a Sacrifice Fly to left and a two run looper to right (a triple) to be the difference against his former teammates. That's OK, Difelice is well past his prime. Even aging veterans still have their days. Ask Tony Batista.

Since Baseball's return to Washington, The New York Mets are 18-5 at RFK STADIUM. Better Record than at Shea Stadium. No wonder they feel so welcomed here.

With Matt Chico now sent to Columbus--does Mike Bascik return to his starter role? Or, does Jason Bergmann return from the Disabled List--in conjunction with another roster move? I am betting Bascik--only because September 1st is so close.

More on Wily Mo Pena: The more I have thought about this trade, the more I just don't see this working out. Another medicore outfielder, at best--with ALL OR NOTHING POWER. Curious to know, who exactly Our Washington Nationals are giving up for Pena as the Player To Be Named Later. If the transaction involves a low level prospect, then there can be no harm. Pena has power, for sure. He just has never been consistent. As one commenter mentioned in the earlier post about the trade--maybe this will end Our General Managers penchant for ALL THINGS CINCINNATI (six current Nationals were members of The Reds). Unless Wily Mo can sock 35 Home Runs and drive in 100 Runs--his defensive liabilities overshadow his offensive talents. God Given Skills which he has NEVER DEVELOPED. Its going to be interesting.

Finally--Some of the best action of the night occurred when The Presidents posted up in Section 320 for the customary 7th Inning "LET TEDDY WIN!!" Chant. Again, the crowd was into it. GW, Abe, Tom and The Lovable Loser into the moment. A time that had all of us wondering whether if "Teddy" continues to lose--maybe WE can get the ENTIRE STADIUM in on the fun next season. That would be a HOOT!!

Which brought forward the question--When will "TEDDY" WIN? Scott came up with THE ULTIMATE ANSWER:

"Game 7 of The World Series!"


Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Wily Mo Pena Photo--Steven Senne


Anonymous said...

Chico had no business pitching in the majors this season. He should have spent the entire season at Columbus. The Nats made the same mistake with Mike O'Conner last year.

An Briosca Mor said...

The fix has been on on the first two bobblehead nights, with both George and Tom receiving "Secret Service" protection on their way to a winning finish. I'm betting that Abe will get the same treatment on his bobblehead night tonight. What will happen with Teddy on his night, two weeks from today? That will be the real test. I'm thinking that since Bonds and the Giants will be there that night, Teddy may apply a bit of the cream and the clear before the game and go on to win the race, but with the accomplishment forever tainted by that. Would the Lerners have the guts to lampoon MLB by doing something like this?

On the other hand, Teddy's head is already huge. So maybe he's been doing the 'roids all along and it hasn't helped...

Jim H said...


I was hoping to be in attendance tonight (Sat) to help counter balance some of the New York Nastiness that typically ensues during these affairs. Unfortunately, some family medical transitioning issues continue and will prevent me from joining in the fun. My hope is my coworker, to whom I've given my tickets, will get there early enough to grab an Abe and that he'll not be a Mets' fan. :)

I appreciate these ongoing updates and will have to catch you, the Queen and 320 during the next homestand.

I'm with you and most others on this Pena deal. As long as we don't send a "Monster" from Vermont or any other of our valued prospects for him, it's not a big deal. We need to save those chits for ourselves or for legitimate bats.

Anonymous said...

Hey SBF-just wnated to get your feeling on attending games where the opposing team's fans (ie, Cubs, Mets) are as loud, if not louder than the Nats fans. Does it annoy you? It used to annoy the hell out of me, but i've come to accept it as part of the game. But i do still hate it when the opposing team's fans are louder than we are. Hopefully the Nats will get that kind of support when they're on the road in the future, but it probably won't happen for at least 10-15 years, as we need to build up our fan base much more than it is now.

Screech's Best Friend said...

natsva--I actually don't mind the rivalry among fans. At times its fun. And, makes the game more enjoyable. The nastiness and in your face crap is what we don't appreciate. Especially the drunken bores that point and cuss and make every effort to ruin the night for everyone at their own petty expense. Sohna and I have had some good times over the past three seasons with opposing teams fans. Even Mets Fans. One day Our Washington Nationals will have a stronger fan base and these type of invasion will be less seen.

For now--I'm basically OK with it. In the future, as we get better, not much so.