Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Control Of A Franchise

After reading this article about the Control over The Houston Astros direction by its owner--Drayton McLane, it made me feel much more comfortable about Leadership of Our Washington Nationals. According to Jayson Stark, The Astros Owner is constantly meddling in The Team's Affairs. Yeah, he cares and wants to win--yet McLane doesn't know how to build from within--or TRUST HIS MANAGEMENT. Rarely does he dole out money that helps the long term goals of his Houston Astros. Faith in his hires is rarely given. Criticism for the team's failures--never his.

Something no one can say about Our Washington Nationals--at least not currently. Since The Lerners Takeover last July--they have been schooled in How To Build a Franchise by Team President Stan Kasten. Its been a learning process and subsequent TEAM EFFORT. Publicly--The Lerners appear open to suggestions and ideas. A system that allows--each of their Management Hires, below them, to trust their own judgements--work toward goals--and make proper decisions, as a team. Management that's free to control their own destinations, without worrying whether The BIG GUY ON TOP is undermining their efforts.

Our Manager Manny Acta has taken what players he was given and worked toward making that talent work--to the best of their abilities. Our General Manager Jim Bowden has been allowed to be creative--both in trades and the draft. And, The Owners allowed the signing of all their Top Picks in the 2007 draft. On the other end, Drayton McLane did not listen to the needs of his manager--Phil Garner. Nor the Baseball Business acumen of his General Manager, Tim Purpura. The Houston Astros let their top two picks of 2007 walk--not wanting to upset Commissioner Bud Selig over "slotting" money.

Our Washington Nationals appear to allow a good "give and take" attitude toward decisions. It's OK to question something--just be prepared to support your idea. And, if The Owners can be convinced--that money to be spent is wise--The Word is Given--"Make it So." I have no problem with that attitude. Their efforts so far have pleasantly surprised me.

The Lerners have shown a willingness to listen and trust those they have hired to build a baseball team. Experts they are not yet, in the game of baseball. Experts they are--in the world of business. Big Organizations are successful when everyone from top, to the very bottom, feels they have a say. A determining factor in the positive direction of the company.

Manny gets his say. "Jimbo" gets his. Mr.Kasten also. Yet, most importantly--all three, along with The Lerners appear to be working as a team. United in building a viable Franchise--A Baseball Team hopefully all can be proud of soon.

Its early in the development of Our Washington Nationals. The Control of Our Franchise has Promise. Capability, now apparently lost by The Houston Astros.


Anonymous said...

Your preaching to the choir

Anonymous said...

Great post, although the Lerners have yet to be truly tested. That comes when this team is close to or in a pennant race and they have their "Bobby Bonilla moment" - the trade block by Peter Angelos that many point to as his beginning to the owner he is today. The Lerners certainly don't have to agree or give into every decision by the baseball people - they only need to remember to by and large let them get their way, just as the baseball people need to let budget or spending win every now and then (as I'm sure a few baseball people may have grumbled behind closed doors about this years team before the season started).

An Briosca Mor said...

I've seen some speculation on other forums that the Astros might go after Mike Rizzo for their vacant GM position. While I'm sure it would be a step up for him to become a full-fledged GM, hopefully the meddling ways of Astros ownership would be enough to keep him with the Nationals.

paul said...

Garner is a great manager. If he doesn't want to take a year off, he will get his pick of jobs.

Anonymous said...

After being a manager for the last three years for FMI, ( the company that runs the team store and souvenier stands )at RFK, it will be time to say goodbye. The Nats did not let us even put in a bid for the new stadium. There will be a huge sale, ( 50% off ) for the last series, ( Phillies ). There will also be a lot of last season at RFK merchandise, ( pins, balls, pennents , patches etc.)These will not be on sale. As someone who grew up watching the Senators at RFK, I want to thank ALL of our customers. The last three years have been a blast.