Friday, August 10, 2007


Fortunate we are in The Television News Business. When yesterday's ground stop, ordered by The FAA, canceled every single flight in and out of Washington, DC & Baltimore--commercial passengers on vacation, families with little children, even those being reimbursed for business expenses, were left scurrying for a way home. So, My Correspondent and I did what we always do--we just calmly waited it out. No Way we are going to jump in front a family of four with two little tykes crying because they are tired and hungry. In fact, we bought those families dinner--while they waited. Its the least we could do. Those folks were hurting.

Then, once everything settled down--we just re-booked for a flight today from Orlando to Washington-National and walked over to The Airport Hyatt. And, you know what--THAT FLIGHT HAS NOW BEEN CANCELED TOO!! When you travel as much as we do, you have to laugh about it. No use in getting upset. Things happen and you have to roll with the punches.

Which makes me think about tonight's match up in Phoenix between Our Washington Nationals and Arizona Diamondbacks. Who would have thought just one year ago--when these two teams meet, this evening's match up would provide such intrigue. The Most Fascinating Player (in my book, by character) of any player to ever don a Nationals Uniform--Livan Hernandez. Against one of the two pitchers traded by The Diamondbacks to Washington in last August's Trade--Matt Chico.

Four Full Months into the 2007 Season--"Our Starter In Training" has experienced some ups and downs--but has yet to miss one single start. In all likelihood never to be either a Number 1 or Number 2 Starter--But, Our Number 47 has the moxie to be a solid Major League Pitcher. Pizazz that "LIVO" brings to the mound and batters box each and every one of his appearances in a Major League Game. Their Characters are exact opposites--although their Pitching abilities very similar. Both do not possess a serious fastball. Both Rely on Junk. Both hope to just fool hitters to survive. And, when they fail--THEY GET ROCKED OUT OF THE PARK!!

And, I love both of them. There was nothing during those first 18 Months of Our Washington Nationals History that was more interesting than seeing Livan Hernandez take the hill. Whether he was up 2-0 or down 6-0, he was always the same. Flustered maybe--but always seemingly in control. How many players give up 4 homers in 2 innings (Three Rocket Shots to The Mezzanine at RFK) then laugh and joke with fans in the on deck circle--waiting to bat. Old Number 61 is an "ENTERTAINER". A Performer I appreciated greatly.

Matt Chico is not a Broadway Act yet--but he can LAUGH OFF being hit hard. Smirk at 5 walks in three innings. Maintain his focus in the clutch--and still come out on top. No, Chico is no "LIVO", but at 23 Years of Age--he's got enough spunk to rival his trading partner on the mound.

Patience is what I have shown over the past 24 Hours in an attempt to get home to Alexandria, Virginia. Patience that I showed with Livan Hernandez, when he was a HUGE part of Our Washington Nationals. And, Patience which I possess for Matt Chico. "Our Starter In Training" is never boring. For that fact alone--I love watching him learn on the job.

If I ever get home tonight--you can bet I will be watching intently the ballgame on television. Happy to be home. Thrilled to see "Livo" again. And, Proud to watch Matt Chico continue to grow up. If baseball is supposed to be entertainment, these two pitchers are fascinating to watch.

PS--There have been rumors, for some time now--that Hernandez was again on the trading block. No, I don't wish for Washington to trade for him now. But, this coming off season--I would love for "Our" Number 61 to once again wear the Colors of Our Washington Nationals. He's a free agent. He will be cheap (relatively speaking) and would be a great bookend to throw the very first pitch in New Nationals Park. When it comes to players I adore, I can be a real softie for them. But, I honestly think he could help us--and Our Younger Players grow up and mature faster.

PSS--While stranded at Orlando International Airport yesterday afternoon, fate again locked horns with me. Walking through the Main Terminal Check-In Level carting a ton of TV Gear--coming straight at me, I notice none other than BARRY LARKIN--Special Assistant to Our General Manager Jim Bowden. He recognized me--briefly said hello. Larkin was rushing to make a flight to Italy to participate in a coaching clinic for European Players. It was cool running into him. Of course--I was wearing my Red Curly "W" Cap and Navy Blue Nats Muscle Shirt with While Under Tee. Life is funny sometimes--how things work out.

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