Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How About That John Lannan?

There is NO WAY that John Lannan could have ever dreamed up tonight's scenario. Even a betting man would not have predicted that Barry Bonds would make his first attempt at Home Run Number 756 against Our Washington Nationals and A Rookie Pitcher appearing in his third Major League Start. A player that started 2007 at Single A Potomac. Number 26 in your scorecard, that NOT EVEN NAT'S MANAGEMENT seriously considered a potential starter this season.

Although This Rookie did not get an official decision this evening--John Lannan Won in my book. Victorious for Defeating Number 25 in The San Francisco Giants Home Cream Whites. He beat Barry Bonds, getting one of Baseball's Least Favorite Players to pop out in foul territory, hit into a double play, then a FABULOUS Strikeout in the 7th. A swinging K that saw Barry miss, just one pitch earlier--A NO DOUBT HOME RUN PITCH. At 42, Bonds is on the downside of his career. That swing, in his prime--would have launched Lannan's pitch into McCovey Cove.

Lannan did walk Bonds once, but it really didn't matter. Our New Lefty handcuffed Barry Bonds all night long. Just a Terrific Performance. As thrilling as the thought must have been to be caught up in such a situation--John Lannan performed MASTERFULLY. Really, who could have thought--he would perform so well. That's mettle. That's not being overwhelmed. That's not trying to do too much.

Score One For The Good Guys!! Barry Bonds was defeated tonight. Although, "The Chief Cardiologist" returned to blow the save. An eventual 3-2 loss in 11 innings. An ending of Washington's six game winning streaking in Crushing Fashion!! Yeah, Chad Cordero's bad outing was costly, but it didn't take the sweetness of John Lannan's performance out of my mouth.

PS--I am away on assignment all week in Florida. Not sure how much I will be able to post. I'm paying attention, but The Space Shuttle is scheduled to take off on Wednesday. My Time my be limited.

Tonght's InGame Photos--(AP) Eric Risberg, Marcio Jose Sanchez and Jeff Chiu


paul said...

I must say upon leaving the ballpark tonight that joy for John Lannan was not my overriding emotion. I went with a Yankee fan, Chris, who was really surprised at the events of the top of the sixth inning, when suddenly Tim Lincecum, who had been sailing along, lost all control and loaded the bases with two out. Lannan, who had pitched decently but was bailed out by three double plays, was sent up to bat. From my perch in left field, it looked like he swung (and missed) at three straight balls. What was he doing batting, and why did he not take at least two strikes? Lincecum was really wild in that inning and could have walked Lannan easily.

Later, Jon Rauch was lights out in the eighth but was 2nd to come up in the 9th. Manny should have done a double switch to start the 8th so that he would have had the option of Rauch continuing. But Manny didn't have that option, and he used a pinch-hitter in the 9th.

Finally, in the 11th, Ray King gave up a double. Only then did Luis Ayala start to warm up, and it was too late. By the time Luis came in, the bases were loaded with no one out. Tough to win in that situation. Not the best game for Manny.

Cordero was unlucky, by the way. He threw strikes, but he gave up three groundballs, two that just eluded Lopez (who doesn't look 100%) and one hit so slowly that the tying run scored.

But the really story was the crowd. It was late arriving, since a suicide on a main commuter line delayed dozens of trains. The fans were juiced, thugh, excited for Bonds. But every time he finished an AB, usually with runners on and the inning still in progress, hundreds of people would get up for a smoke or a quiche or something. After his last AB in the seventh, half the stadium emptied in a tie game. When Bonds wasn't batting, the crowd was lifeless. It was an amazingly eerie feeling to experience a soldout stadium with no energy when Bonds was not involved in the game.

One final thought about the Nats. Austin Kearns needs to read Ted Williams's books and start taking some pitches.

One final thought about the ballpark. It has beautiful views of the bay, but it isn't much warmer than Candlestick once the sun goes down. I felt like I was at a November Redskins game at night. Also, all those seagulls? Well, they like to drop poop-bombs on unsuspecting fans. It's quite scary. Hitchcock lives.

Anonymous said...

Lopez not hustling YET AGAIN!!

By not diving and keeping the ball in the infield......little leaguers SS know that was a must at that point of the game....Lopez let runner go to 3rd which that let Sweeney hit and run off first which prevented a double play with the two slowest players on they had in the catcher and Sweeney!

When is Acta and this team going to cut out this cancer on the team to save what is a outstanding group effort each night (except LOPEZ)?

DVR has Sweeney taking 5 steps towards 1st by the time the ball reached 2nd base....that is time for Lopez who does not have to swing to get it or AT LEAST KNOCK IT DOWN!

Anonymous said...

This post was so good that NBC4 quoted you about 5 minutes ago.

Keep doing the good work.


Unknown said...

SBF, yes, NBC4 did read an excerpt of your Barry Bonds blog entry; congrats.

I just read it myself now, a good piece of work...

Be well,