Saturday, August 04, 2007


My Favorite Player of ALL TIME!! was making a guest appearance at Pearson's Wine in The District this afternoon. There was NO WAY!!, I would miss Frank Howard for just about any occasion. The African Queen and I headed out from Alexandria and arrived inside the store at Exactly 12 Noon. About 20 Baseball Fans were already on hand. And, "HONDO" was holding court.

Was he EVER FABULOUS!! This signing was not just about getting a signature and a handshake. Frank Howard wanted to Meet & Greet with EVERYONE!! And, tell story, after Story, AFTER STORY!!! Number "9" and Number "33" on My Washington Senators Scorecards was in such a great mood--Sohna and I spent over two hours in the store. Nearly 1 hour just to reach the front of the line. We are talking 20 People!! That's how personal the experience was!! Just GREAT!!

Howard signed ANYTHING, ANYBODY WANTED and LOVED EVERY Minute of it!! Just like as my fondest memories as a child watching him play at DC, then RFK Stadium--Frank DID NOT disappoint me, or ANYONE ELSE. The African Queen, who really had no idea "Hondo's" background--was downright taken by him. And, we met a host of others who shared the same ballpark experiences growing up with The Senators as I did. Really, we had a GREAT TIME!! So much so--we really didn't want to leave.

The Pearson Folks served Hot Dogs, Peanuts and had Wine Tastings. Frank Howard had 8X10 Photos free to everyone for his signature. Even Marker Mark Whiskey Bottles (for cost) and Marker Mark Baseballs (The Real Reason behind his appearance).

Miss Chatter was there. I met William Yurasko for the very first time. Mr. Ball-Wonk was there, along with Ron--another reader of The Nats320 blog. All of us--sharing experiences. Mr. Ball-Wonk telling Sohna--"So, you are The Blog Widow." We all laughed. The African Queen has mentioned this exact phrase to me, many times.

But, our favorite introductions came when long time Washington Senators Fan Jim showed up behind us with his wife carrying two TERRIFIC Items for Frank to sign. Two Original Senators Giveaway Items. A Sears/Ted Williams Stamped Autograph Ball, and Thompson Dairy Little League Bat. All four of us chatted for some time. As it turned out-Jim's Season Tickets are just in front of us in Section 219. Jim and I could talk Senators Baseball FOREVER!!

Briefly--Sohna and I Chatted with "MY FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL TIME". Hondo always will be held close to my chest. This afternoon at Pearson's Wine--he again my stole my heart, reminding me of my wonderful childhood memories following My Washington Senators.

I Loved Frank Howard as a child. I Loved Frank Howard as a Teenager. I Loved Frank Howard as an Adult. And, as I move ever closer to my Senior Years--I love Frank Howard now, MORE THAN EVER!! MY FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL TIME--NEVER HAS DISAPPOINTED ME!!

PS--I stand 6'3" and Frank Howard still TOWERS OVER ME!! Much the same as when I was a little tike. Just Incredible!!


Edward J. Cunningham said...

I never got to see Frank Howard play since I was only three when the Senators left town. I certainly would have gone to meet him if I had known Frank Howard would be there. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! That was a wonderful event. I'd actually never met Hondo before, and as Nats fans, my wife and I came down from Delaware for the event (we were probably 15 people back in line from you) -- and we were not disappointed! He even signed pictures for me for a couple of friends. Wonderful, wonderful man.

I know he has had a good relationship with George Steinbrenner as a coach and consultant for many years, but we really need to pry him away from the Evil Empire and bring him back to where he belongs -- can you imagine how much impact the Nats could have in the community if we sent out Hondo as an ambassador, even once a month???!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, I can't believe I missed Hondo!

Where did you hear about this appearance?!?

Anonymous said...

Hehe you know whats funny,
I am Frank Howards granddaughter...
My name is Maggie Patterson my moms name is Rebecca howard and her moms name is carol howard, franks ex wife.....I know him, i love him and he lives in virginia right now, I have his number and exact address and yeahh. just email me if u want pics or something im 13 yrs old living in CA anyways my email feel free to ask questions...