Thursday, July 06, 2006

UGLY!! & FUNNY!! At The Same Time

Last nights 18-9 pasting of our Nats at rainy RFK stadium was a site to behold--with arguably less than 5,000 in attendance due to torrential rains all afternoon. Yet, the game started only 20 minutes late, and right from the start, Nationals Starter Mike O'Connor was asking for a mulligan. Back to back home runs by Miguel Cabrera and Josh Willingham put the Marlins up 3-0 quickly, but the Nats struck back with 5 straight hits and a sacrifice fly in the bottom half to actually take the lead 4-3, but it was all down hill from there. Not many times will a team score 9 runs and still lose by nine. As ugly as the 5th inning was for Nats pitching, it was actually funny to see 10 consecutive batters reach base in an 8 run inning and just AWFUL performance from Nats pitcher Saul Rivera. This, after O'Connor could not get a first out in the second inning and Jason Bergmann struggled through 3 inning of middle relief. (I just can't imagine these 2 staying on the 25 man roster) In the 5th, with only one run in for Florida, the Nats actually had a chance to get out of the big inning when Reggie Abercrombie hit a hard slapper to Vidro's right, a perfect double play ball, but Jose decided to run around the ball instead of backhanding and booted it allowing the second run to score in the inning and opening up the floodgates for 6 more Marlin scores.
But, our pitching really is terrible. Terrible. Only Bill Bray and Majewski were able to pitch effectively. The Nats can not hold a lead, no lead is too safe. And, we just don't have even a decent outfield. When Soriano, Jackson and Ward are your outfielders, alot of hits are going to fall in safely. Its costs this team outs badly.Not much more to say about this one, although the Nats actually could have made it close late, but failed to produce when it counted. And, it was nice to spread out in Section 320 or whereever you wanted to sit, it was festival style seating for this one.

Annouced attendace--18,441--Yeah Right!! By the end of the game, there was less than 500 people at RFK.

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