Monday, July 31, 2006

Alfonso!! SORIANO!!! ALFONSO!!! SORIANO!!!!!!

Section 320 is a happy camper tonight, after hearing the good news that JIM BOWDEN turned down EVERYONE offered for Alfonso Soriano. Really, how can you be upset about this Dynamic Player not spending the rest of 2006 with the Nationals!! Unless Jimbo and Stan Kasten are total jackasses (JIMBO Maybe, Kasten--no way!!), there has got to be some behind the scenes action going on among these parties to work something out for 2007 and beyond.

Alfonso has come along way in DC in the short time he's been here. Soriano came over from Texas in a very unpopular trade for Brad Wilkerson and 2 others late last year, refused to switch to left field from his normal 2nd base. REFUSED to play in left field during his very first pre-season game with the Nationals. He was named a PARIAH by many, including me. A franchise KILLER!! Many of us just wanted to throw him under the next Metro train, along with JIMBO, and we would have all been happy!! And, he struggled mightily in the field through the first half of 2006. Yet, whenever he's at the plate or making a play in the field--YOU CAN"T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF HIM!! Soriano comes to the plate to SMACK THE BALL, when he gets on--he's a THREAT TO STEAL EVERY BASE!! In the field, he makes YOUR HEART BEAT 5 TIMES AS FAST, because you never really know whether he will catch the ball---And he PLAYS WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE!!. HE BECAME THE FAN FAVORITE!! Talked to the fans down the leftfield line. IS THE TEAMS LEADER!! Even in bad times, TEAMS need a STAR!!

Soriano told FoxSports Ken Rosenthal: as told by Stan Kasten) "He was ecstatic. His teammates are ecstatic. I'm quite sure our fans will be ecstatic," Kasten relayed. "He wants to be in D.C. — maybe the best player in baseball wants to be in D.C.," Kasten said. "We think that's kind of a good thing."

Bowden on
"We felt the best deal that we could make was no deal for this franchise," Bowden said. "We consider Alfonso one of the best players in baseball. It's a player that wants to stay in D.C., did not want to be traded. He wants to stay here long-term. .."

And then Stan Kasten in the Post:
"There's certainly nothing certain about what will happen after this year," Kasten said. "But we do love Alfonso and what he's done for our team, what he means to our team and what he means to our fans. And if there's a way for us to keep him consistent with building a world championship . . . but we're always going to look at the best of our alternatives. For today, there wasn't anything that was good enough for us to trade him."

Give them credit for not trading for junk!! Not giving him away for a complete uncertain future. They stood by their guns and told EVERYONE what was needed to make a deal. And, they stood by it.

Its a BOLD MOVE!! I am glad they kept him. Soriano will become the FACE OF THE FRANCHISE. The POSTER BOY MARQUEE Player. Alfonso easily could still be around when the Nationals truly come competitive. In the meantime, WE, AS FANS, have someone to look forward to seeing every single time we go to RFK and the new stadium.

Section 320 can continue to lead off the game with the Alfonso!! SORIANO!!! Cheer. And, my wife, Sohna, will continue to attend as many games as possible to see NUMBER 12 play for the NATS. I can't tell you how happy THAT MAKES ME IN MY HOUSE!!

On another note, I found it interesting that neither Marlon Anderson or Daryle Ward were moved before 4pm today. They seem to be perfect role players for a contender. Would love to know what actually was offered for them. Livan just had to stay, HE WANTS TO BE HERE! He's coming around. And, our pitching sucks soooooo much, he might be the only dependable arm we have by the end of 2006. Armas and Ortiz are just not good enough to get anything in return for them.

Of course, there is still the waiver wire deals for August, and these 5 players may still be moved then. You can bet that Bowden will place every single player not named Zimmerman on waivers real soon. Alfonso though, is staying!!
Happy Day in SECTION 320!!

Alfonso!! Soriano!!!!! Alfonso!!!! SORIANO!!! ALFONSO!!!! SORIANOOOOOO!!!!

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