Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Revolving Door OPENS!!

As I predicted after last night's wet 18-9 debacle loss to the fish from Florida--Mike O'Connor and Jason Bergmann better be looking for flights to New Orleans--And, lo and behold, JIMBO actually sees it my way for once. Both were optioned to the AAA farm club, but the choices returning to the Nats, probably are not much better. Micah Bowie, a true journeyman lefthander (one that stays in the game only because he is just that, a lefthander) was recalled from New Orleans to give the beat up Nats bullpen a fresh arm. Surprisingly, Bowden recalled from the DL, Alex Escobar, he of the 2 game stint with Washington earlier this season, who promptly pulled a hamstring and thought it was OK not to tell Frank??!! There have been many whispers that Escobar is just not tuff enough to play--A WIMP!! But---We are not going anywhere, we might as well see what he CAN DO! At one time, he was the Number 1 prospect for the NY Mets and he's still just 26 years old.
O'Connor has been a nice local story, but,having seen him pitch 5 times now at RFK, its been obvious, for some time, that he's been more lucky than good. He has no stuff that he can depend on. No out pitch. Many times he looks like he's pushing the ball to the plate with all the might he has in his wirey 170lb frame--AND IT STILL ONLY REACHES THE LOW 70'S. Mike's a nice guy, his parents attending the game are terrific, he made a good effort, be he cannot effectively change speed on his pitches to set up a hitter. I have said for a long time that I was just waiting for him to get WHACKED!! And, its happened two times in a row--from Tampa Bay and Florida. O'Connor might be back to finish the season, once the trading deadline comes and goes with the Nationals, but I am positive he is not in our future. Too bad.
Bergmann seems to have nice stuff, but absolutely NO LOCATION. He continually lays it in over the plate, gets behind too often, setting up a slap hit from a batter expecting a fastball up 2-1 or 3-1 in the count.
Probably will be traded in a minor league deal.

With our Nats floundering, this is the beginning of the shakeup of the Washington Franchise, alot could happen between now and July 31, its going to be very interesting, especially since Alfonso Soriano is quoted in the Washington Post today that he would like to stay in Washington. He's comfortable here. I guess he likes us cheering him so loudly, EVERY SINGLE TIME HE COMES TO THE PLATE!! Beats the Bronx Cheer anytime. More on Soriano is a later post.

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